Win a multi-device charger with built-in MagSafe battery [Cult of Mac giveaway]


This week cult of mac Giveaway is a sleek multi-device wireless charger that includes a removable battery for juicing on the go.

Valued at $130, Pitaka’s MagEZ Slider is a great way to charge your iPhone and AirPods on your desk or nightstand. But even better, the charger has a built-in battery that magnetically attaches to your iPhone to keep charging away from home.

“The MagEZ Slider is hands down the best charging device I have ever used!” said a satisfied customer on Pitaka’s website. And we offer three.

Win a Pitaka MagEZ Slider

The MagEZ Slider can simultaneously charge your iPhone and AirPods. The iPhone actually attaches to the MagEZ battery, which slides into the holder. The 4000mAh power bank comes with an integrated MagSafe charger.

When your iPhone is charging in the cradle, it’s magnetically connected to the battery. When you’re done, you detach your iPhone or you can slide the phone and battery together.

“Pitaka’s battery is pleasantly curved,” we said in our review of the MagEZ Slider. “When using it with my iPhone, I haven’t found a MagSafe battery more comfortable to hold than this.”

To charge your AirPods or other Qi-enabled gadgets, there’s a small slide-out shelf on the back of the charger. AirPods are wirelessly charged, so they are only compatible with models with wireless charging cases.

(The MagEZ Slider can also charge your Apple Watch with a Power Dongle sold separately and not part of this giveaway.)

A MagSafe-compatible iPhone holder

The MagEZ Slider charger includes a magnetic battery for charging on the go.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

Pitaka’s MagEZ Slider Dock is a great charger for anyone looking for something a little different. Not only can you charge up to three devices simultaneously, but the charger rotates 360 degrees, which is ideal for video calls, watching videos or facing your iPhone towards the wall at night so that screen glare does not don’t bother you.

The MagEZ battery works with the iPhone 12 and 13 series, or any MagSafe compatible case.

The MagEZ Slider is compact and lightweight. Together, the MagEZ Slider Dock and MagEZ Battery Pack weigh just 9.7 ounces. The MagEZ battery weighs only 3.7 ounces on its own.

The charger connects to the wall via a USB-C cable. A 20 watt wall charger is also included in the box.

A charger and battery made from quality materials

The MagEZ slider is made from a high quality zinc alloy to provide a smooth and durable finish. The MagEZ battery pack is made partly of aramid fiber. Short for “aromatic polyamide”, aramid is a lightweight and durable material that offers good impact resistance. Synthetic fiber is often used in military and aerospace environments, as well as in performance automotive products and bulletproof protective gear.

About Pitaka

Founded in Shenzhen, China, Pitaka is a company dedicated to green manufacturing, according to the company’s website.

The company says it is experimenting with different materials and recycling technologies, particularly reusing materials from larger products to make smaller ones.

“If we recycle a carbon fiber suitcase, we can extract the fibers and make them [into] laptop/tablet cases; when we recycle laptop/tablet cases, we can turn them into new phone cases; and phone cases for watching wristbands or other smaller essentials,” the company’s website states.

To advance green manufacturing, Pitaka is building its first materials sustainability lab in Shenzhen. The lab is tasked with developing materials made from bio-based fibers rather than petroleum-based.

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MagEZ Pitaka Slider

Note: This giveaway does not include any Apple products. Entries close at 11:59 p.m. PDT on June 16, 2022. See terms and conditions for giveaway information.


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