Wife slams husband after discovering his ‘incomplete’ hidden voice recording device: ‘It’s grounds for divorce’


A woman freaked out after discovering her husband was secretly recording his conversations with friends.

She took to Reddit “Am I the A******? (AITA)” for help. While on a girls night out with friends, she found a hidden device near her TV She soon realized her husband was taping her in. When she asked him, he blamed her.

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“I told my husband that I was planning to have a girls night out at (GNI),” she said. “He first said, ‘No, not here…get a hotel or something.’ Said I couldn’t afford a hotel [and there’s] no hotel needed. He asked if he could join us if he would allow it, but I said no, that’s not how RNBs work. He finally agreed to let me have it and even said he would hang out so my friends would be comfortable.

“I invited the girls, and most of them had a lot of heavy ventilation to do. At one point, things got a little emotional, and there was a lot of crying. When I’m went to turn on the TV, I spotted a small device hidden on the side, I took a look and discovered that it was actually a voice recording device. I was in disbelief. I knew that my husband had put it there to listen to our private conversation, which was very violent.

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She immediately showed the device to her friends and decided to tell her husband about it.

“I showed them the device, called my husband to come home and confronted him in front of the girls. I turned around and called him, then said that he felt curious what we were talking about and wanted to make sure we weren’t talking about him specifically.The event was cut short and the girls left.

“I kept lambasting him for ruining the night and maybe my relationship and trust with my friends,” she explained. “I said that he not only violated my privacy, but also that of my friends. He argued that it was okay, that I should have let him join us if we “had nothing to hide”, and that it was ON THEM to open up about private matters, to start. He kept talking about how I humiliated him to call him out in front of my friends. I told him they deserved to know who he really was after what he had done.

Editors thought the husband had seriously crossed a line.

” Leave him. He doesn’t respect you,” one person said.

“Don’t think for a second that there isn’t some other technologically sketchy shit he helped himself do without you knowing about it. If my husband did that, that’s grounds for divorce” , someone commented.

“He extremely gasses you up,” another wrote.

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