Why doesn’t my Fitbit sync? Device app sync issues explained


I’ve had major issues trying to sync my portable Fitbit Charge 2 with my phone over the past month. Since I updated its software about a month ago, its battery life has dropped and I still need to reconnect it. What is happening? – Matt, Bedale

You’re not alone – many Fitbit users have faced syncing issues since the company released a software update on August 16, affecting devices linked to both smartphones and iPhones running Android. .

It is difficult to pinpoint the cause of the problem, but the most likely cause seems to be a problem with the firmware of the devices.

A spokesperson for Fitbit said, “We always aim to provide a positive experience for our customers and our team is constantly responding to issues, verifying device and system scans, and capturing devices for scanning when necessary. We urge all customers who are having difficulty with their device to contact customer service for assistance. Which is not very useful.

Fitbit users around the world have slammed the latest update after some devices crashed and others refused to sync (Photo: Getty)

Until / if Fitbit does release a fix, there are a few suggested solutions that have worked for some users, although others found it to work a bit before reverting to breaking.

Some users have forced their Fitbits to start working again by unpairing any other device (wireless headphones, etc.) from their smartphone and restarting their Fitbit while holding its button down. This should cause the app to sync normally, although there is no guarantee that it will.

Another solution is to remove your device from the Fitbit app on your smartphone before completely removing the app. Erase Fitbit from paired Bluetooth devices on your phone (under the Settings menu) and do a factory reset on the Fitbit (how this will vary depending on the model you own). Once this is done, download the Fitbit app again, sign in to your account again, and try adding the device as a new one.

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