What is the best wearable accessory to go with your Nokia device?


Smart wearables have evolved from being a fashion accessory or power status. Smartwatches and accessories can increase your productivity or help you perform everyday tasks more efficiently. Plus, these gadgets help you stay active, which is important these days when we spend most of our days sitting behind a computer screen.

My first smart accessory was the Mi band 2, a fitness bracelet that could measure my heart rate, count steps and sleep duration, and notify me of calls and texts. Soon after, I noticed that I needed something with a bigger screen, a touchscreen interface, and longer battery life. After spending about a week with the LG smartwatch, I noticed that longer battery life is more important to me than having a bunch of battery consuming apps and LTE connectivity. The eSIM concept died pretty quickly, so I found Huawei GT2 to be the perfect combo of what I really needed. I’ve been using this watch for almost two years now and it’s still a perfect choice for me. It’s practically a band in the body of a smartwatch, but it has more capabilities, even some apps, and it allows calls to be answered over a BT connection. Above all, the battery lasts 10 days on a single charge.

However, Xiaomi, Huawei and other manufacturers have also made and improved their bands over the years, and these wearables are getting better and better with each model. Smart wristbands are smaller, ergonomically convenient and offer almost the same capabilities as a smartwatch.

Xiaomi is now preparing to announce the seventh version of its hugely popular Mi Band, and the new version brings a larger 1.62-inch AMOLED display, heart rate, blood oxygen, exercise data measurements, weather app, music controls, alarms, and maybe even NFC which will only be present in certain markets.

Our Mr. Nokia also unboxed and got a nice grip of a Huawei Band 6 which I also had the opportunity to review last year for our Croatian partner site Mob.hr. I liked the design of the device, the battery longevity and its super bright and crisp display, although I didn’t like the accuracy of the step counting and the lack of automatic light adjustment of the screen.

Check what Abdulla thinks about this device.

Wearing any wearable accessory with your Nokia smartphone? which is it, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Withings or another and how do you like it?


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