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Gaming is an incredibly popular pastime, thanks to the many benefits it offers and the fact that gamers have never had it as good as they do now in 2022. The quality of titles available to play today far exceeds anything that has ever been published in the past. , the amount of choice is unmatched and many of the best games can even be downloaded for free.

This unparalleled choice is also not limited to the number of games and the diversity of genres available to players. This also extends to which platforms games have to choose from.

While the gaming market was fairly consolidated by the time the 1990s arrived, the three major consoles, Windows and the Nintendo Game Boy, were the primary options gamers could choose from. In contrast, the 80s was a more fragmented decade, with several different brands of game consoles hitting the market and even more personal computers that could be used to run different titles.

But that pales in comparison to today. Of course, there are still only three major consoles, but computer games have broken free from Windows hegemony and mobile devices have replaced handheld consoles that were often too clunky to be truly portable.

But if you can only choose one gaming device to use in 2022, which is your best option?


Computers are one of the most flexible options when it comes to gaming. If you have the money, you can build a beast of a machine that will run any title at its highest graphics settings. But if you’re on a budget, you can build or buy something that does the job without breaking the bank.

The vast majority of AAA titles released today are also coming to PC, although some are coming even later than consoles. On top of that, there are plenty of retro, smaller, and lesser-known games also found their way to marketplaces like Steam, both from established developers and indie developers.

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of contemporary games and even more retro titles that can be played on a modern PC, users also have access to an almost endless number of browser games. As the name suggests, these are titles that can be accessed through a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox without any special software being downloaded.

The variety of browser games is nearly endless with options ranging from simple puzzle games like Huebrix and Threes! to huge MMO RPG titles like Runescape. For those who love online casino games, sites like Betway also offer a wide selection of classic and contemporary options, including roulette and blackjack, as well as branded video slots like Game of Thrones Power Stacks and Jurassic Park online slot machine.

Besides requiring no special software, browser-based games generally don’t need powerful hardware, making them accessible to almost anyone with a PC.


Consoles are great if you want to enjoy AAA titles, but don’t want the hassle of setting up a computer. Typically, the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch all offer a plug-and-play experience, letting you start playing in minutes.

Even the latest machines from Sony and Microsoft, despite being some of the most expensive consoles ever sold, are much cheaper than relatively powerful computers.

However, console gamers generally have access to far fewer titles, smaller catalogs of retro content, and little to no access to browser games.

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Mobile devices

About 84% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, which is about 6.6 billion people. Among them, 36% (nearly 2.4 billion people) use it to play at least one title. It’s easy to see why, mobile gaming is often free and almost always cheap, it’s more convenient, and it offers the ability to play from anywhere instead of just at home.

Mobile gamers have almost the same level of choice as computer gamers. Most browser games can be played on a smartphone, including many of the most popular casino games.

The two main app stores also have huge libraries of games that cater to almost every taste.

Since you almost certainly already own a smartphone capable of playing the vast majority of titles available for download from these markets, mobile gaming is significantly cheaper than the PC and console options.

All in all, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, which makes it difficult to say which is the best. Ultimately, your choice will come down to which one offers the best balance for you and your gaming preferences.


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