Aro’s Smart Box and Companion App use technology and habit-forming psychology to help users limit smartphone use

ATLANTE, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aro Technology, Inc. is proud to introduce Aro: the first connected “smart box” that reduces screen time by helping users put their phone down and enjoy life without interruption. The Aro smart box can hold up to four mobile phones and, together with the Aro app, tracks the time spent without a phone. The app measures trends and progress towards goals, helping users stay motivated to go offline by gamifying the experience. The Aro smart box even charges your phone while you charge away from it.


Between checking email, replying to group texts, using apps — not to mention the lingering pull of social media — it’s no surprise that 91% of people have their phones within reach. hand every day.1

But for the times when people actually want to to put their phones away is easier said than done. More than 63% of people have actively searched for a solution to limit their phone usage.2 Sheer willpower is often not enough to resist the urge to scroll while dining or chatting.

That’s why Aro implements a two-pronged solution: placing the phone in a designated space before conception to help establish the habit, then reinforcing the habit with data, feedback, and motivational coaching to encourage pursuit. Users can set goals in the Aro app, track progress, and even compete with families and friends. The real payoff is how users spend their phone-free time.

Who created Aro?

Meet tech entrepreneurs Heath Wilsonformer co-founder of eVestment (now a Nasdaq company), and Joey Odom, a former commercial real estate executive, who shares a deep belief that phones are amazing but hard to put down. For the past few years, they’ve been on a mission to find a way to turn off phones so they can spend some quality time really noticing the world around them.

“Our phones are great, but sometimes they can cut us off from the real world in front of us,” Wilson said. “We created Aro because we believe a little less phone equals a lot more life. And we’ve seen the benefits in our own lives.”

What started as a passion project to help their own families create better phone habits quickly gained traction among others struggling with the same issue. The duo recognized the demand and decided to make their solution available to everyone – thus, Aro was born.

“We all want that family dinner, that weekend getaway, time with a loved one, or even just 30 minutes of reading a book, to be truly uninterrupted,” Odom said. “That’s our goal. It’s not just about putting your phone down. It’s about finding out what’s on the other side.”

Why Aro?

Aro works because it was built on the principle of habit formation, making it easy for users to put down their phone and gamify time spent outdoors. “While it sounds simplistic in nature, we’ve spent years researching the psychology, hardware, and technology needed to create a solution that practically and effectively helps solve a problem everyone is facing,” Wilson said.

“The problem isn’t necessarily our phones, it’s more our relationship with our phones,” Odom said. “We’re conditioned to keep our phones with us at all times, no matter the situation. We need somewhere other than our pockets to put our phones so we can really engage with life. Aro is the answer .”

Or buy?

The Aro Launch Edition will ship in Fall 2022, and users can pre-order now. More information is available at

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About Aro Technology, Inc.

Aro Technology, Inc. was founded by Heath Wilson and Joey Odom in 2018 to help people experience life, without interruption. The term aro in Maori means “to notice or turn to”. This speaks to the goal of Aro Technology and its flagship products, the Aro smart box and associated app, which helps people notice and turn to real life by making it easier to put their phone to rest. Wilson’s 20-plus-year career has been spent primarily at eVestment, a fintech company he co-founded and eventually sold to Nasdaq in 2017. Odom spent 15 years at Stan Johnson Company, a leading commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firms in the country. as a multi-billion dollar producer. Aro is non-judgmental, recognizing the significant value of a mobile phone while helping people rediscover the world around them.

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