SPARBAR®, the Premier Boxing and Fitness Brand, Hires Capital Advisory Black Pearl Investments for Strategic Business Growth in the United States


SPARBAR® Ltd., the parent company that owns the intellectual property (IP) created the original sports equipment called SPARBAR® PRO, an all-in-one training partner that has hit the market by storm since its official launch in the UK in 2016 at the leisure industry week exhibition, followed by the use of boxing world champions and international celebrities such as Ap.of.Ap (Black Eyed Peas), Roy Jones Jr., Kevin Hart, Scott Adkins and Michael Bisping. The innovative workout device has become a viral hit in the UK home workout market. It focuses on honing boxing skills for the competitive boxer or professional martial artist to develop new amateurs and fitness enthusiasts.

Since then, a host of other complementary boxing training equipment has been created to bolster the core device, alongside ongoing development of apparel and nutritional products. “The potential is endless when you consider apparel, technology and games,” comments SPARBAR® Founding Visionary Jasvinder “Jazz”. Gil Singh.

Singh adds that “it is time to strategically strengthen our US-based operations with our US licensee partner, SPARBAR Inc., as we seek to improve our management and execution capabilities.”

The effort in the US markets is supported by the experience, input and business acumen of JR Chantengco, managing director of Black Pearl Investments, who was hired to lead the rebuilding process and raise private investment capital which will significantly improve the business in the areas of good to meet the growing consumer demand for the first emerging boxing fitness brand, while studying its operational, production, financing, sales and marketing aspects, which are essential for a successful business and the requirements for accessing public capital markets in the future.

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