South Korean startup Vuno receives MFDS certification for electrocardiogram device


Obtains Ministry of Food and Drug Safety certification for “Hativ Pro”, a personal electrocardiogram measuring device

VUNO, a global medical artificial intelligence solutions company based in South Korea, has obtained certification from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) for its “Hativ Pro” personal electrocardiogram measuring device. From this certification, Vuno will expand its business scope to B2C and seriously launch the biosignal business based on ECG data.

‘Hativ Pro’ is the first hardware medical device introduced by VUNO. Since it is small and portable, it is possible to simply measure heart signal anytime, anywhere. It is characterized by the possibility to check the measured signal at a glance via the connected mobile application.

Vuno, based on this certification, will continue to market artificial intelligent medical devices (AI) capable of detecting major heart diseases such as arrhythmias in the future. The company plans to continuously strengthen its medical AI business using EKG data, which has great potential as an index of various cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it plans to launch “Hativ”, an integrated health management brand including home-based AI medical devices, to support consumers’ daily healthcare and early diagnosis of chronic diseases.


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