SIPPIO claims a world first with Zoom and Teams Voice


SIPPIO claims to have become the first calling provider to enable cloud voice in Teams and Zoom from the same unified platform.

The voice activation platform, SIPPIO, recently signed acceleration program agreements with Microsoft and Zoom, providing PSTN calls.

SIPPIO can allow carriers from 74 countries to use provider exchange and Operator Connect, allowing their customers to use familiar collaboration apps and telephony services from Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Dawn-Marie Elder, COO and General Manager at SIPPIOsaid, “The future of voice is collaboration.

“More and more companies are unifying their communication channels to make it easier for their employees to stay connected.

“Carriers can see the market opportunities, but they’ve been disappointed by the uphill battle to get started.

“SIPPIO solved the problem – instead of months-long processes, we can onboard our carriers in days; and we’re especially proud to be the first and only platform to be able to do this seamlessly across the Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone ecosystems.

SIPPIO provides carriers with the tools to manage and automate their services, including quotes, sales, activations and migrations.

Carriers can extend their offers and services to new markets and regions via the SIPPIO acceleration platform.

The solution is supported by a scalable infrastructure on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, simplifying onboarding processes and reducing operator costs.

SIPPIO also helps carriers generate demand using tailored sales and marketing growth strategies.

According to SIPPIO, it has flexible subscription plans that it can deploy in minutes.

There are a number of companies offering accelerator solutions. Dstny, for example, has partnered with Ribbon to provide Microsoft Teams Operator Connect support via its Carrier Automate platform in June 2022.

Pure IP is a voice service provider that has joined the Zoom Phone Provider Exchange program. NUWAVE and 1-TO-ALL are also Zoom Phone Provider Exchange partners.

SIPPIO’s recent announcement, however, marks the first time a company can offer acceleration services for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone.

SIPPIO was launched in June 2019 and described itself as “the world’s leading voice activation platform”.

Microsoft launched its Operator Connect Accelerator program in April this year.

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