Samsung One UI tip: check the security level of your Galaxy device


If you are reading this, chances are you already know that Samsung is the best mobile device brand when it comes to firmware updates and security patches. The company releases monthly security updates left and right, and they never seem to stop.

But if you want to make sure your Galaxy phone or tablet has the best possible security, you can do more than wait for a new monthly security patch to drop every four weeks or so.

Galaxy tablet and smartphone users can also check for biometric updates in One UI, perform Google Play Protect scans, and check for Google Play system updates, which are separate from the usual monthly security patches. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to check if your Galaxy device has the best security

First, open the Settings app on your Galaxy device and access “Biometrics and Security”. Here you will find the four main categories we are interested in: More biometric parameters, Google PlayProtect, Security Updateand Google Play system update.

To check if new biometric updates are available, first tap “More biometric parameters”, then touch “Biometric security patch.”

To perform a Google Play Protect scan and check if any malicious apps are installed on your phone through the Play Store, tap “Google Play Protect” in the “Biometrics and Security” menu, then touch “To analyse.”

Also, you can check “Google Play System Updates” from the same Biometrics and Security menu.

And finally, you can check for new security patches by tapping on the corresponding option. Alternatively, you can also check for new security patches via the more traditional method by accessing the “Software update” menu inside the “Settings” application and tapping “Download and install.”

How secure is your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet? What device are you using and when was the last time you performed a security update? Leave a comment below.

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