Microsoft Cloud-Streaming Device will be launched next year


Microsoft is set to provide cloud streaming services.

Microsoft plans to launch a streaming device that will let you watch content from your Xbox on any TV. The Xbox game streaming device is expected to release 12 months from now.

The device will allow users to watch movies and TV shows on their TV, as well as stream games. The company is said to have been working on the project, and it’s expected to be similar to Google’s Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire Stick, or a Roku.

The company is reportedly working on a device that would allow users to access streaming services without the need for a smartphone or tablet. The device could connect to a TV and allow users to control what they watch from their phone or computer.

Sources claim that the company has already developed prototypes of the device and is testing it right now.

Last year, Microsoft’s CVP of gaming experiences and platforms, Liz Hamden, told the audience at the E3 online event that the company was developing an Xbox game streaming device that could easily connect to televisions or monitors, and with a good network connection, anyone could enjoy the experience.

Added cloud gaming for Android, iPhone and other devices was also part of Microsoft’s Xbox Everywhere initiative. Microsoft has added Fortnite to its platform so users can stream and enjoy the game for free!

In addition to the Xbox game streaming device, it has been reported that Microsoft is collaborating with Samsung to provide cloud gaming service for Smart TV users.

This collaboration aims to create an Xbox game streaming app for Samsung TVs. It will also be released next year and will allow smart TV users to stream games without any problems!

Microsoft’s goal is to reach a large number of people to enjoy the Xbox gaming experience anytime, anywhere. This device will be perfect for:

  • People who can’t afford the consoles: Many people prefer not to pay the high cost of buying Xbox consoles. But don’t worry, the company has everyone in mind and plans to make this device less expensive.
  • People who can’t get their TVs updated: If you find it difficult to do that, then the cloud streaming device is what you need.
  • People who don’t have the new consoles within their reach: In cases where a person cannot access new consoles all the time, this device would be beneficial.

With the device, you can easily connect it to your TV and stream your favorite games.

What does Microsoft Streaming Device mean to you?

The streaming device isn’t out yet, but we can guess what it would be like to have one.

Fewer difficulties with connections

Instead of the usual stress we face when connecting Xbox consoles, Microsoft’s streaming device makes it easy. This way you can connect your TV and other devices and easily stream your games and videos.

High quality resolution

Microsoft would certainly not fail to create a device that could offer superior quality in your eyes. As long as you have a good, fast internet connection, the resolution would be great.

The best streaming experience

With the Xbox game streaming device, you can experience gaming like no other. With your TVs connected, the Xbox Game Pass experience could be huge!

Fewer costs

Microsoft’s initiative to reach a wider audience is indeed a goal. Reports show that they aim to provide a cheap cloud streaming device without compromising the quality of games that users will have access to worldwide.


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