Learn how to stop automatic updating on your Windows 11 device


Know how to stop automatic updating on a Windows 11 device

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Your computer frequently receives new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes from Windows updates from Microsoft. However, upgrades sometimes cause more problems than they solve. So you may wonder if there is any method to disable Windows 11 automatic updates. Windows 11 comes with built-in features that allow you to disable updates temporarily. The update service should be disabled or registry entries modified if you want a longer lasting fix. Here we demonstrate every conceivable method to disable automatic updates in Windows 11.

How to stop Windows 11 automatic updates using Settings:

From Windows 11 Settings, you can defer updates for up to five weeks. This is a useful tool if you only want to temporarily postpone upgrades for a few weeks. This is the procedure. To access the Settings app, press Win + I. Select the Windows update tab from the left pane. Scroll down to the More options area in the right window. Select 1-5 weeks from the drop-down list to pause updates. Select “Pause for (n) weeks” from the menu. Your machine will delay all Windows updates for the chosen period. Return to the Windows Update tab and choose Resume Update to run a manual update if you change your mind.

How to Configure Metered Connections to Disable Windows Updates

Configure your network as a metered connection for Windows 11 to disable automatic upgrades. This is a useful tip that has been tested with Windows 10 and its successor. Why does this trick succeed? Windows will not download updates over a metered connection, preventing the user from paying excessive data usage charges. So you won’t receive any updates if you set up metered connections over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. To launch the Settings panel, press Win + I. Open the Network & Internet tab in the left pane. Then choose Properties for your Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. Toggle the switch to Metered Connection by scrolling down. I’m done now. Windows will immediately stop downloading optional and cumulative updates. If you connect to separate home and work networks, you can designate multiple connections as metered connections to prevent Windows from downloading updates. Be aware that enabling metered connections has several drawbacks. When enabled, other installed programs that rely on constant access to an active Internet connection may also experience offline file synchronization issues.

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