JFrog Targets Growing Connected Device Market with Upswift Acquisition


The publicly traded developer tools maker JFrog Ltd. acquired Upswift Ltd., a startup with a platform that helps companies deploy software updates to their fleets of “Internet of Things” devices.

JFrog did not disclose financial terms in its announcement business today. The acquisition comes three months after the company signed a $300 million deal to buy another startup, Vdoo Connected Trust Ltd., which also provides software for the IoT market.

Commenting on the acquisition of Upswift, JFrog co-founder and CEO Shlomi Ben Haim (pictured) said “it’s another big step towards our vision for Liquid Software to become the company that powers global software updates, amplifying our product roadmap and unlocking new market opportunities.

JFrog offers tools that help developers more easily deploy updates to their enterprise applications by simplifying key workflow elements. JFrog’s customers, which include most Fortune 100 companies, primarily use its tools in their cloud deployments and on-premises data centers. With the acquisition of Upswift, JFrog can extend its update management capabilities beyond cloud and data center deployments to IoT devices.

Central to the acquisition is an approach to releasing software updates known as CI/CD, or continuous integration and continuous delivery. A large and growing number of companies use the approach in their application projects.

CI/CD automates many tedious aspects of the update release process that were previously done manually. It allows software developers to analyze the code they are about to release to production for bugs, identify potential cybersecurity issues, and manage associated deployment tasks with minimal manual intervention.

There are several advantages for businesses. First, resources that software teams previously had to invest in tasks such as finding bugs in code can be redirected to building new application functionality. Additionally, by automating parts of the workflow that had to be done manually, the risk of human error can be reduced and software operations become more consistent.

JFrog says he buys Upswift because companies apply CI/CD primarily to their cloud and on-premises applications, but not to their IoT devices. The same goes for many other technologies and practices which, along with CI/CD, are collectively referred to as DevOps. According to JFrog, Upswift’s technology will enable enterprises to bring the cost and productivity benefits of DevOps to their fleets of IoT devices.

Upswift provides a platform that enables enterprises to manage IoT updates using the same DevOps workflows with which they update their cloud and on-premises applications. As a result, IoT development teams can automate tasks such as finding bugs in updates before they are released.

Upswift also provides a feature that allows engineers to easily roll back changes if a faulty update causes an IoT device to malfunction. The ability to reverse errors is a useful feature in every software project.

However, it is particularly valuable in IoT initiatives because connected devices such as sensors often have limited internet connectivity. Lack of reliable connectivity creates a risk of interruption of update deployments by network outage, which can create errors on IoT devices unless there is a mechanism to roll back changes.

JFrog plans to integrate Upswift’s technology into its existing DevOps product portfolio. The plan, according to the company, is to provide enterprises with a single set of tools to manage updates to their cloud applications, on-premises workloads and IoT devices.

Along with Upswift’s IoT update management features, the deal also buys JFrog tools to streamline other connected device administration tasks. Upswift has built features into its platform that allow administrators to monitor their connected devices for technical issues and track the data they process. The startup’s technology also makes it possible to remotely connect to a system to perform troubleshooting tasks.

The agreement will allow JFrog to address more directly an important and growing market: International Data Corp. estimates that there will be more than 55 billion IoT devices in the world by 2025, and more than 75% will be connected to an IoT platform.

Photo: SiliconANGLE

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