IOS 14.3 battery drain issue persists: user shares fix and device settings to prevent it


Battery issues with older Apple devices have been a concern for a long time. Moreover, with significant changes in iOS updates, the battery life decreases further. For those users who still own an old Apple device, the iOS 14.3 presents a significant battery drain issue. In a forum in Mac Rumors, the user honglong1976 posted a fix for an empty battery issue with their iPhone 6s device.

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User shares fix for iOS battery drain issue

According to him, with the latest 14.3 update, there has been a significant decrease in his battery life. Despite trying many solutions, nothing seemed to prevent the battery from draining.

“I have an iPhone 6S and a battery with 98% battery life. I noticed that since 14.2 / 14.3 the battery has run out. I’ve tried a lot of things, like turning off SiRi, location services, etc., but nothing worked. ” he said on the forum.

Thus, he proposed a solution to this problem, which many users of the platform also echoed. “Thanks to the must-have tests, I tried the following and the battery drain stopped (while the screen was off). I went to bed with 95% battery life and woke up with it 95% autonomy. ” He guarantees that the solution worked well for him.

Here are the following changes the user has made to their device that they believe have worked well in “stopping battery drain”.

IOS Photo Settings

In its photos settings, it has disabled autoplay for live videos and photos as well as the Show Holiday Events options in settings. In addition, it also checked the option “Transfer to Mac or Pc” “automatic”.

ICloud Settings

In iCloud settings, he enabled Safari, News, Stocks, Home, Health, Wallet, Game Center, Siri, Keychain, iCloud backup, but he disabled messages.

IOS Battery Health Settings

In the battery health settings, it set the max capacity to 98%, set it to peak performance, and turned off optimized battery charging.

According to the user, the following changes have significantly improved their battery life. “Here is my battery for today. It went down a few percent from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. A big improvement.”

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IOS 14.3 update causes battery drain issues

However, he also noted that the main reason for its significant battery degradation is probably its update to iOS 14.3. When he responded to the users who also pointed out the probable cause, he responded by saying “I agree though. 14.2 and 14.3 are the problem. I shouldn’t have to mess with the settings.”

Apparently, updating to the latest software updates with iOS has a significant impact on battery life, especially for older Apple devices. Apple has yet to say anything about the battery drain issue that their users have encountered while complying with recent updates.

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