Introducing the 2022 Excellence Awards and Rankings


Applications are now open for the 2022 Excellence Awards and Rankings

the Excellence Awards and Rankings celebrating the industry’s greatest achievements and innovations. The program provides a platform to recognize the people and companies who are driving change.

Our program is designed to showcase excellence within the sector by examining a range of corporate activities, including offers, business projects and corporate initiatives, both internal and community based.

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New for 2022, the Excellence Rankings present the achievements of a company in (i) different aspects of its activity (areas of excellence); (ii) in their sector; and (iii) in the countries/regions where they operate. Businesses can be categorized into several sub-categories within each of these broad areas.

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  • AREAS OF EXCELLENCE: Business expansion, Diversity, Environment, Funding, Innovation, Investments, M&A, Marketing, Product launches, R&D, Security, Social
  • SECTORS: Outstanding companies/institutions in each sector and sub-sector and the outstanding companies of each type (e.g. law firm, bank, SME, etc.)
  • GEOGRAPHY: Outstanding companies/institutions in a country or region

Companies are ranked based on evidence from the past 18 months from our own news archives, public sources and information submitted by the companies themselves (see below)

the Excellence Rankings will be published in JULY 2022


Once the Excellence Rankings are published, all ranked companies are taken into account for the end of the year Excellence Award. The awards represent the best of the best in each category and all ranked companies will have a further opportunity to submit information to demonstrate their position as a potential winner.

the Excellence Award will be published in DECEMBER 2022 with shortlists published in October/November.

How to participate

We undertake our own market research, but we also invite companies and institutions to submit examples of their most impressive projects.

To enter, click the link below for full guidelines and a link to our online submission form.


The first deadline for company submissions is JUNE 30, 2022

Make the most of your ranking

Getting on our leaderboard is a feat, but the real benefit is being able to let the market, new customers, and potential customers know about your success.

We have a variety of options available for ranked businesses to further market their achievements, click below to find out more.



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