How to use the new Huawei Matebook D14 and Super Device features to enable super creativity between PCs, tablets and smartphones


The way we use technology is changing at the fastest rate in history. Just a few years ago, working from home was something companies offered as an incentive, calling it “flexible working.” In 2022, it’s become equally normal to work full-time in the office, full-time from home, or somewhere in between.

With the increase in flexibility comes a demand for technology that facilitates this. This includes the simultaneous use of PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones in different combinations. Nor are these needs necessarily limited to the workplace, given that we now use the same tools (smartphones, laptops and tablets) for entertainment and work.

To adapt to this, forward-thinking tech companies are making a massive shift. Brands are moving from simply creating computers, tablets or smartphones to creating devices that are part of a larger ecosystem. By being able to connect these devices seamlessly, users can enjoy a more productive experience than ever before.

Leading technology company Huawei has defined a new vision for the future, where our technology is unified into a single multi-device system. It starts with PCs, smartphones, tablets and extends to headphones, speakers and even printers.

Super Device is the future

The Super Device is Huawei’s handy Seamless AI Life app. It breaks down the barriers between the tools we use every day, making our lives exponentially easier.

The Super Device is essentially “created” by connecting one compatible Huawei device to another. Using the Super Device on a Huawei PC, after designating the initial connection as a trusted device, you can actively discover and connect to your Huawei tablet or smartphone. Huawei’s Drag-to-connect operation is an industry first and the experience is simple and intuitive.

The concept of the Super Device is exciting, but we need to understand the practical applications of Huawei’s vision. Once your HUAWEI nova 9, for example, connects with the PC to form a super device, you can access files on all devices as if you were using a single device. This frees you from complex file transfer processes, so you can focus on maximizing productivity with fewer distractions. For example, you can write an email on your PC and easily attach a file saved on your tablet.

Three different options to double your efficiency on a laptop

mirror mode

The tablet screen mirrors exactly what the PC screen displays. It allows the tablet to use the PC’s superior hardware, while the PC has access to the tablet’s pen functionality. Users can also use the tablet to draw, with the image appearing directly on the PC. In the Smart Office, the tablet can be used during a PC presentation, with the tablet’s touch screen making it easy to annotate or skip slides.

Extended Mode

The PC display is extended, using the tablet as a second screen. This allows for a more efficient smart desktop experience. Users can open two PC software at the same time, one displayed on the laptop screen and the other on the tablet screen. Perfect for taking notes during an online class or video conference.

Collaborative mode

Users’ tablet and laptop can share the laptop’s keyboard and use a mouse simultaneously on both screens. In addition, files and texts can be moved from one operating system to another.

With these groundbreaking innovations, Huawei is bringing a seemingly futuristic experience into the modern Smart Office. This allows users to work more flexibly than ever before, with Huawei products working together seamlessly to adapt to all user needs.

Adopt a new integrated experience with a smartphone

Once the Super Device PC-smartphone has been created, the smartphone becomes an external hard drive connected to the PC. This connection is established wirelessly, no cables are required. Once connected, the smartphone will be assigned its own drive letter and icon in the “This PC” window. Users can access saved files in the same PC file system user interface they are used to and take advantage of multi-device document. Among other things, they can attach a smartphone document to an e-mail being written on the PC and save an image directly on the smartphone. Also, after configuring the connected devices as trusted devices, the PC will automatically connect to them as soon as they are in range. Users who don’t need multi-screen collaboration can also leave the window without affecting the connection.

Easily share files and launch apps

Files can be shared between two devices with a simple drag and drop or a tap. This allows the user to easily view, edit and share files, images and text from both sides. Moreover, content can be directly copied and pasted between two devices, which is simple and easy to use.

Peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard can be used to control the smartphone, so the user can work directly on both devices using only one device. Users can also launch smartphone apps from the laptop (including apps for video, news and productivity, etc.).

Connect to calls

Answer audio and video calls on laptop: Users can use the laptop to answer audio and video calls received on the smartphone. The laptop’s camera, microphone and speakers can be used as external equipment for the smartphone, so that users can free their hands from the phone and be more efficient when multitasking.

Enjoy the efficiency of multitasking

Multiple tasks on a single screen, dramatically improving efficiency and productivity. Common usage scenarios include comparing products from multiple shopping apps, cross-checking information between news apps, or attending an online course on one app and taking notes on the second, all chatting with classmates on the third. Whether studying or working, new multi-screen collaboration makes multitasking more efficient.

If it is locked, you can simply unlock the phone from PC. Users can control the smartphone from the HUAWEI MateBook D14 using features like gesture password, numeric password, and custom passwords.

Ways to upgrade your PC manager to the latest version:

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[1] Only certain Huawei mobile phones, tablets, monitors, visions and certain Huawei laptops running PC Manager 12.0.2 or later support HUAWEI Super Device. If you have any questions about this feature, please contact your local Huawei customer service hotline.

This post was sponsored, written and provided by HUAWEI.


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