How to Use Cross-Device WhatsApp on Laptop, iPad


How to use multi-device support on WhatsApp

To use multi-device support on WhatsApp, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. First, open on desktop or laptop browser. The app has also launched a Code Verify extension to verify the authenticity of the code they scan.
2. On their Android phone, tap the three-dot menu.
3. Click the Linked Device option in Settings.
4. Next, you will need to scan the code displayed on the WhatsApp web on your other device.
5. Make sure your smartphone and laptop have a stable internet connection.
6. Once the code is scanned, WhatsApp Web will start working on your laptop. Now it can work without depending on your phone.

How to Install WhatsApp Web on Web Browser

The WhatsApp web feature allows you to check your WhatsApp messages on your laptop as well as other devices. Follow the steps mentioned below to install WhatsApp Web.

1. First, on your PC, laptop or tablet browser, go to
2. Simultaneously, on your Android phone, open the WhatsApp application.
3. Next, tap on the three dots at the top right and choose WhatsApp Web.
4. Next, the app will ask you to use your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code visible in your computer’s web browser.
5. Scan the code with your phone’s camera.
6. This will automatically launch WhatsApp Web in your laptop’s browser and stay active.

How to Install WhatsApp Web on Web Browser

How to Install WhatsApp Web App

WhatsApp has also launched a WhatsApp web application. The WhatsApp messaging application can only be installed on your computer if your operating system is Windows 8 (or newer) or Mac OSX 10.9 (or newer). Follow the steps mentioned below to use the app on your laptop.

1. First, install WhatsApp web desktop app for PC or Mac from

2. Next, click on the green Download button to install the WhatsApp application on your computer.

3. Next you will need to find the file in your downloads folder.

4. Just double click it to install.

5. Then follow the steps given in the installer and on a Mac simply drag the WhatsApp icon into your applications folder.

6. You will be able to start the WhatsApp desktop application and the process is the same as above.

7. The WhatsApp app will keep you logged in to WhatsApp until you choose to log out.

How to Install WhatsApp Web App

How to activate dark mode on WhatsApp

Facebook also announced a new feature for instant messaging app WhatsApp that includes a dark mode. To use the dark mode feature, make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your mobile phone. Follow the steps below to enable WhatsApp Web in dark mode.

1. First, open on your laptop.
2. Next, open WhatsApp on your smartphone and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
3. Go to WhatsApp web option.
4. Then scan the QR code on your laptop screen with your mobile phone.
5. Then tap the three dots on the WhatsApp web screen.
6. Now head to settings. Then choose the theme option.
7. Select Dark to enable dark mode. The same steps can also be used to enable dark mode on the WhatsApp desktop app.

How to activate dark mode on WhatsApp

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