How to Update Your Roku Smart TV or Streaming Device


One of the great things about Roku TV smart TVs and streaming sticks is that they constantly get software updates. This means your TV feels and performs like the latest gadgets, even if it’s on older hardware. Roku releases major updates once or twice a year, but minor updates are always rolled out on a monthly basis. Having the latest software updates ensures that you get performance improvements, bug fixes, better user interface and security updates. Updates are delivered over the air, so your device must be connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection.

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However, before updating your Roku device, here are a few things you should do:

  • Do not unplug your Roku Streaming Stick from your TV or to extinguish your Smart TV during an update. Be sure not to update when you think you might have an outage, such as during a heavy downpour or when your utility provider has scheduled load shedding.
  • Make sure you have fast and unlimited internet connection. You don’t want the update to take a long time or be interrupted by an unstable connection.
  • You may also want to take note of your current software version and device model. This will help you troubleshoot in case the update does not go well.
  • Close all open applications including those that might be running in the background. You can do this by restarting your Roku TV or streaming stick.

With that done, you are now ready to update your Roku TV. There are two types of updates your Roku device will perform; software or system updates and channel updates. System updates are for updating the Roku TV OS while Channel updates are for apps or channels that you have installed on your Roku device.

As of April 2022, the latest version is Roku OS 10.5. However, Roku 11 operating system is currently rolling out to eligible Roku devices. By default, Roku automatically checks for updates every day and updates your device in the background without you even knowing. However, you can check manually for updates yourself by following these steps.

Open Roku Settings > System > System Update. You will see when Roku last check for updates and when Last update. You will also see the current software version running on your Smart TV or streaming stick and build number. For my Roku TCL it’s 10.5.0 with build number 4210.


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