How to transfer your game photos to your smart device


When playing a game on the Nintendo Switch, you may come to a point where you want to take a really awesome screenshot. You could fight monsters in spectacular fashion or water flowers you’ve planted on your own private island. Either way, once you’ve captured those important moments, you’ll probably want to take them off your console.

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Now you can choose to send your photos directly to your social media account from the console. However, this guide focuses on transferring the images to a smart device. The process is the same for the Switch and the Switch Lite.

What do you need to transfer images from your Nintendo Switch?

  • A Nintendo Switch
  • Pictures from your Switch album that you want to transfer
  • A smart device with a camera
  • An app/QR code scanning capability on the smart device


How to get your images

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harv's Island Photoshoot Audie Margie Lava Lamps

You will need make sure you have downloaded a QR code reader app to your smart device or that your device has this capability built-in.

Go to your album.

Nintendo Switch home screen album highlighted

find picture you want to transfer.

Click on the picture then click the A button to select it. You’ll notice a menu at the bottom will now say Hide, Delete, Go Back, Publish, and Edit.

Press A again.

Then you will get a small menu on the left side of your screen.

you must click Send to smart device option.

You will then get the ability to transfer single or multiple photos.

You can only transfer 10 images at a time.

Connecting the Device to the Switch

toggle image recording

When you are done selecting your image or images, you be redirected to a screen with a QR code on the left side. You’ll have to open your QR code reader for your chosen smart device.

Scan the first QR code.

You will see a message appear on your smart device about connecting to the Switch.

Your the device will then attempt to connect to your Nintendo Switch.

You should be able to tap connect (in a menu similar to the one to the left of the image above) and give it permission to access your Switch.

What to do if the device does not connect

If it does not connect Then you can click the + button.

After clicking on it, it will give you a small information screen.

You will need go to your wifi settings on the smart device.

where you usually go see options for wifi connectionsThere will be the one who says Switch along with some numbers.

Image Transfer Nintendo Switch QR Code to Smart Device Wi-Fi Connection

Click it and you can enter the password displayed on the screen of your connection problem.

Then, your device must connect to the switch.

  • If not, you’ll have to disconnect everything and start over!

Transferring your images to the device

Once logged in, a second QR code will appear to the right side of the switching screen.

You’ll have to scan this one now with your smart device.

You should receive a link to a unique URL.

Sample Nintendo Switch QR Code Image Transfer Link

Click it and it’s ok takes you to your photos on your device.

The following steps may differ as the browsers used by smart devices may vary.

You will then have to click on the images to open them.

Image Download Complete Screen of Image Transfer to Nintendo Switch Smart Device

Click it again and press download image button.

IMPORTANT: Do not close this link, once closed your images will be gone and you will have to start over.

Your images should be saved in the gallery of your smart device so you can use it whenever and wherever you want.

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