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Transferring data from PC to Android or iOS is one of the most common tasks that people face. Sometimes it’s a photo, sometimes it’s a song, and often it’s a document, presentation or other material that needs to be shared. There are several ways to transfer files from PC to Android device (and vice versa). These are all effective solutions that require little to no modification to your computer or smartphone. Therefore, we are going to explore the best and fastest way to transfer files from PC to Android.

We’ll find out why transferring via USB cable is still one of the fastest and safest ways to transfer data from devices. Moreover, there is excellent data transfer software that offers awesome features as well as a fast and secure way to transfer data. Transferring your data via USB is simply the fastest way to transfer files from computers to phones or vice versa. It is not only the fastest method but also one of the safest ways to share files between two devices. This is because all you have to do is connect your phone to the computer.

Transfer files from laptop to phone using USB cable

If you need to transfer a lot of files between your Android phone and your PC, you should opt for the oldest and most reliable transfer method. It’s still quick and easy to share files from phone to laptop, as long as you have a compatible cable. Plug your charging cable into the PC and connect it to your phone.

Once you’ve set it up, follow these steps on Windows or Chromebook:

  • Connect your phone.
  • Tap the notification that Android displays titled Charge this device via USB.
  • In the USB settings, set Use USB for File Transfer or File Transfer.

That’s it. A file transfer window will open on your computer, showing your phone (and SD card, if you have one). You can then start copying your files.

Share files between laptop and mobile without cable

The Google account you set up on your phone gives you access to 15 GB of cloud storage space via Google Drive. This gives you a convenient way to move files between your laptop and your phone.

  • You need to install the Google Drive app on your laptop. If you prefer, you can use Microsoft’s Dropbox or OneDrive, as they all work pretty much the same way.
  • When setting up Google Drive, you must first sign in. Then select Back up all file types and click Next.
  • On the next screen, choose Advanced Settings at the bottom. Select Sync my drive with this computer, then click OK.

The main caveat here is that the files displayed in your Drive app are not stored on your phone. If you’re trying to open one, you’ll need to download it first: a gigantic file can take up a big chunk of your monthly data allowance.

To avoid this, you have two options to download the files you need to your phone. Select a file and from the menu choose:

  • Make available offline. This downloads the file so you can view it offline in Drive. Any changes you make to it will be synced the next time you log in.
  • To download. This saves a new copy of the file to your Downloads folder and you can open it in any compatible application. However, not all changes you make will be synced; you need to re-upload the file to your Drive account.

Share files from PC to mobile via email

Emailing files isn’t the most efficient way to transfer data from laptop to phone, but we’ve all done it at one time or another. This works for quick file sharing when you can’t use any of the other methods. Enter your email address on the website, then drag your files into the browser window and send them. You will then receive an email to your phone with a link to the files you can download. For security reasons, files are encrypted and deleted after seven days. You’ll need a Pro subscription if you want to delete your files sooner or keep them longer.

Share files from PC to mobile with messaging apps

Alternatively, another easy way to transfer files between your Android device and PC is to use WhatsApp Web. It’s a great way to quickly share images, documents, or even videos if you have a fast internet connection. A popular method of file sharing with WhatsApp is to create a new WhatsApp group with a single contact and delete it as soon as you create the group. Now that you are the only participant, you can use this chat to send and receive files from any device privately.

Final Words: How to Transfer Data from Laptop/PC to Android Device

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