How to Share Location via SMS on Android Device 2022 Tip


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Check how to share location via SMS on Android device

Imagine being stuck in a remote place with almost no internet connection where you want to share your location with your friends or family. Well, there are many ways to share location but most of them require internet. However, if you have a cellular connection, you can use the largely overlooked SMS feature to do this. First, open Google Maps on your Android. Now find the location you want to share: you can search for landmarks manually if the map is saved offline, or you can use the location button to get current coordinates using your device’s GPS. Now it will take a few seconds to get your location coordinates. When you’re done, hit the send button and share it with your message. Your contact will then receive a text message containing a URL indicating their current location.

You can use two methods to share your location with your contacts. This includes sharing coordinates directly with the Google Maps app or sending them through the Google Message app. With the introduction of RCS (Rich Communication Services), the Google Messages app now supports sharing multiple media contents including contacts, files, voice memos, location, etc. And so, you can use it to share your current location with your friends and family.

Send location via SMS to Android device

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for Android messaging apps. Then download and install it.
  • Next, go to your Android settings and set the default messaging app to Android Messages for Android. This allows all the features of the app to work flawlessly on the Android device.
  • Once done, open the Android Messages app and create a new message. Go ahead and select a contact and write a message, then tap the More icon. From there, select your location options.
  • Google Maps GPS will retrieve your current location so you don’t have to worry about it. Select your current location on the map and accept it for the message. After the approval process, you will receive a thumbnail of the location.

Final Words: How to Share Location via SMS on Android Device

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