How to Setup and Use FTP Server on Android Device


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Check how to setup and use FTP server on Android device

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the acronym for File Transfer Protocol. In its most basic form, it lets you connect two devices and stream files between them. You can use FTP to connect to a device on your Wi-Fi network or a remote server as it runs over the Internet. You will need an FTP server on one device and an FTP client on another to use it.

Most third-party file managers on Android support FTP, so you can set up an FTP server on your phone and then connect to it using an FTP client on a PC. There will always be a time when you need to transfer a file from your phone to your computer, and there are plenty of options for doing that on Android. Bluetooth, cloud storage, email, and even chat apps are all options, but they can be too slow or inefficient to deliver large files.

Do you have a pressing need to quickly distribute files? Here are the three best FTP programs for Android, along with instructions on how to use them.

How to Use FTP to Transfer Files on Android

Once you have chosen an FTP server app for your Android device, you will need an FTP client app for your PC. We have lists of the best FTP clients for Windows and FTP clients for Mac.

To show you how to use FTP, we’ll use Amaze File Manager on Android and FileZilla on Windows. If you decide to use another FTP server or client application, don’t worry, these steps apply to them as well.

First, open Amaze on your Android device. Swipe right to open the hamburger menu, scroll down and you’ll find the ftp-server option. Here, touch the To start up and the app should say “Status: Connecting Secure”.

just below Stateyou will see that a URLs also appeared.

Now on your PC, open FileZilla. At the top, you should see four text boxes, the first of which is called Host. In this text box, type the URL that Amaze gave you exactly as it appears, then press Go in.

FileZilla may ask you to allow unsecured connections. This is something you only have to worry about if you are connecting to a remote server, so check the box and then click Okay.

You should immediately see your Android device’s files and folders appear in the navigation pane on the right side. Now you can start transferring files between your Android phone and PC.

To transfer files between your devices, all you have to do is select the file or folder you want to transfer in FileZilla, then drag and drop it where you want it. It’s easy!

Final Words: How to Set Up and Use an FTP Server on an Android Device

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