How to Play Apple Music on an Alexa Device in 2022 [April]


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Check How to Play Apple Music on Alexa Device

While Amazon and Apple are competitors in the world of TV streaming services, they have teamed up to let you listen to music from many brands. There are options to listen to music through the Apple Music subscription app, as well as tracks stored on your Apple device. We will guide you through the process.

Even if you don’t have a paid Apple Music subscription, you can still have a music library by saving downloaded or uploaded tracks to a music program like iTunes or Apple Music. Alexa is the perfect app for you to access and listen to your music in this case. The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers are designed to connect to cell phones via Bluetooth, which Alexa can handle easily.

Play Apple Music on Echo via Bluetooth

  • Move your Apple device closer to your Echo. When it’s near, give the command “Alexa, connect to my iPhone” or “Alexa, connect to my iPad”. If you have multiple mobile devices, you can use your specific Apple device name instead, but Alexa is usually smart enough to connect to the correct device whenever it’s nearby.
  • Alexa will play a chime and usually say something like “iPhone connected to Echo”, although it will provide the specific names you gave the devices so you know it worked. If Alexa says she can’t find your iPhone or other devices, make sure your Bluetooth is on and you can connect. You may need to unplug accessories like AirPods for the connection to work properly.
  • Head over to your iTunes or Apple Music app and start your favorite playlist. Your songs should automatically start playing on your Echo device. Alexa will usually raise the volume a bit before playing games, but you can also adjust it yourself. Changing both the echo volume and your Apple device’s volume can work, but it’s usually easier to control the volume at source.
  • When you’re done playing music, say “Alexa, disconnect from iPhone” or any other Apple device you’re using. Your Echo will ring again to let you know the process is complete.

Play Apple Music in Echo with Skill

  • Enable the Apple Music skill for Alexa. You can find it on Amazon’s skills page. Or, alternatively, you can go to the Skills section of your Alexa app and search for it specifically. To do this, go to Alexa Preferences (the rows in the upper left corner), choose Settings, then select Music & Podcasts. Here you will see an option that says Link new services. Choose it, then select the Apple Music icon. Now select Activate to use and sign in to your Apple account if required (Apple’s instructions are not fully up to date, so be sure to follow ours here).
  • Make sure everything is up to date. You might notice that the Apple Music skill is not highly rated. This is partly because many people don’t know the difference between Apple Music and iTunes, but problems also arise because people don’t know that the Alexa app may need a manual update. Once the app has been downloaded, you will need to log in to your Amazon account to access your Alexa options. You’ll usually be notified if a new version of the app is available, but be sure to stay tuned. When you see an update from Alexa, be sure to run it for the best use of your device. Devices like the Echo generally update automatically as long as you have them connected to the internet, so turn on your Echo and make sure it’s connected. Finally, make sure your Apple Music account is up to date and working properly.
  • You can now give Alexa specific music commands, such as “Alexa, play today’s hits on Apple Music,” or you can ask Alexa to play specific artists and albums. Alternatively, you can choose to expand your command list to suit your mood, with options like “Sad Music” or “Happy Music.” Whatever command you say, always add “on Apple Music” at the end, so Alexa knows which platform to use when playing music.
  • If you want to eliminate the need to say “on Apple Music” for each playlist command, you can set Apple Music as the default player. This way Alexa knows how to play the music file you request. Go back to Settings in the Alexa app, go to Music & Podcasts, then select Default Services at the top. It’s probably set to Amazon Music by default, so select the Edit button and select Apple Music as the new default. Apple Music will remain connected to Alexa until you manually disable the skill.

Final Words: How to Play Apple Music on Alexa Device

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