How To Manually Add VPN On Android Device From Settings 2022


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Check How to Manually Add VPN on Android Device from Settings

A VPN (virtual private network) is a technology that allows you to create a private and secure connection to another network. VPNs create an encrypted tunnel for your online connection, hiding your location and IP address and preventing third parties from spying on your internet activity or identifying you. VPNs are a crucial tool for accessing geo-blocked content and streaming region-specific libraries. They also protect sensitive data, allow users to access censored content, and help journalists and activists in countries where freedom of expression is under threat.

Setting up a VPN on Android or any other operating system is essential to secure your connection on all internet-connected devices. Along with antivirus programs, VPNs are among the most important elements of our phone’s cyber defenses. Since we regularly use our smartphones to communicate and access sensitive data, protecting them from hackers is imperative.

Manually add a VPN profile on an Android device

Although nowadays most of the VPN services provide their dedicated app to connect to their server and this method is also often recommended but you don’t want the app but you want to manually add the VPN profile to your device Android, then follow the next one. not:

  • Open the Settings app from the app drawer.
  • Now go to network and internet settings.
  • After opening it, scroll down and find VPN settings.
  • Now open VPN settings.
  • You will see the list of all previously used VPNs. To manually add a VPN profile, tap the + icon in the upper right corner.
  • Finally, enter all the details provided to you by the VPN service provider and press Save.


  • Open your VPN provider’s control panel.
  • Open VPN settings.
  • Next, select your preferred server for the VPN and write down the server details.3
  • Now go back to your Android VPN as mentioned in the steps above.
  • Enter all the details provided by the VPN service provider. And then hit the save button.
    • Name what you prefer
    • Type: PPTP
    • Server address: we already have it in the VPN configuration.
    • Username: provided by the VPN company
    • Password: provided by the VPN company
  • You will see the list of all added profiles.
  • Touch the profile you want to connect.
  • And the last press of the Connect button.

Final Words: How to Manually Add VPN on Android Device from Settings

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