How To Download Incompatible Apps On Android Device 2022 Tip


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Check how to download incompatible apps on Android device

Have you ever had problems installing apps on Android? Well, I have encountered several times problems and bugs. Sometimes you might have come across an error like “Your device is not compatible with this version” or “This app is not compatible with your device” in some apps on Play Store. And this article is about installing incompatible Android apps from Google Play Store based on my personal experience. However, a few days ago, I tried to install a certain application, but without success. And at the time, I was so frustrated and wondering why this had happened. Modifying build.prop is a risky task.

If you accidentally change something, you might end up with a locked device. To avoid this, we can use an application called “Market Helper” to spoof the model number without modifying the build.prop file. It’s much easier, faster and safer than manually editing the build.prop file. Market Helper is not available on Google Play, so you have to download and install it manually from the developer’s website. Once installed, it can impersonate your device on popular and powerful devices like Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X. To undo the changes, you can simply restart your device. Please note that apps marked as “incompatible” on Google Play may be incompatible.

Install country-restricted apps

If you get the message “The application is not available in your country”, it means that this application can only be downloaded in certain regions. There are basically two ways to fix this problem: use a VPN to pretend your device is in an available country or download the APK file of the app outside of the Google Play Store.

Use a VPN

By using a VPN, you can hide your location and pretend your device is in the trusted country. Search the Google Play Store for the app again and you will find that it is already available. There are many VPN apps to choose from in the market; Just download the one you like the most. Don’t disconnect the VPN until you get full access to the region-restricted app. However, please note that the Google Play Store may identify your actual location if you are using a cellular network connection.

Install the APK file

Another method is to download the APK file of the app from a trusted source and then install it on your device. However, for security reasons, our phone cannot download apps outside the Google Play Store from unknown sources by default. Therefore, you must first enable the use of unknown sources on your device:

  • Open Settings > Security.
  • Scroll down to find “Unknown Sources” and enable it.
  • A warning about the security risk will appear and press OK.
  • Now you can download the APK file of the app from its official website or other trusted websites and then install the app on your device.

If you can’t get the APK file download link from these websites, try APK Downloader. First copy the app URL from the Google Play Store. Paste the URL to the APK Downloader site, then you will see the download link.

Install apps that are not compatible with your device

App developers may restrict the use of certain apps on certain devices. For this reason, when you download some applications, you get the message “The application is not compatible with your device”. How to deal with this situation? There is an awesome app called Market Helper which makes your device appear as another available device to incompatible apps. Please note that the Market Helper app requires root access to your device.

Final Words: How to Download Incompatible Apps on Android Device

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