How to Copy and Paste from One Apple Device to Another


Universal Clipboard lets you copy content to one Apple device and paste it to another, but you’ll need a fairly recent iPhone, iPad, or Mac to use it. The good news is that whatever Apple has released in the last five years will be enough. On the official website, Apple mentions that Universal Clipboard works on the following devices running iOS 10 or later:

  • iPhone 5 or later
  • All iPad Air and iPad Pro models
  • iPad (4th generation) or later
  • iPad Mini 2 or later
  • iPod touch (6th generation)

On the desktop, meanwhile, these supported Macs running macOS Sierra or later can use Universal Clipboard:

  • MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini or iMac launched in 2012 or later
  • Mac Pro launched in 2013 or later
  • MacBook launched in 2015 or later
  • iMacPro
  • mac studio

It should be noted that both the sending device and the receiving device must support the system. Suppose you have three Apple devices, such as iPhone 11, iPad Pro (2020), and an older Mac. In this case, you will only be able to use Universal Clipboard on the iPhone and iPad. Since your Mac doesn’t support this feature, you won’t be able to copy content from your iPhone or iPad and paste it to your Mac.


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