How to Connect a Phone to YouTube on a TV and Use Your Device as a Remote


Image credit: YouTube

New features mean you can now control the YouTube app on the TV while browsing on your phone. Here’s how to sync the two apps.

If you have ever wondered how to sync your phone to YouTube on TV from iPhone and Android phones, YouTube is here for you. A new feature turns your phone into an extension of the main TV screen.

The changes turn a phone into a remote for YouTube on your TV, so you can pause video, comment and subscribe with both screens in sync.

How to Connect a Phone to YouTube on TV

First, identify to the same YouTube account on your device and TV

Open the YouTube app on the phone and on the TV

Hit Relate when prompted

YouTube said, “You can directly interact with the video you’re watching from the comfort of your phone. This means it’s easier than ever to read video descriptions, leave comments, share the video with a friend, or support your favorite creators by sending a Super Chat or becoming a member, all while watching on big screen.

Why the change? Research from YouTube found that the vast majority of people use a second screen while watching YouTube on their TV – over 80%, and many are browsing the YouTube mobile app at the same time, with the same video open on their phone .

The new feature is also a good way to keep users glued to YouTube rather than browsing different apps at the same time.

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