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Check how to change MAC address on Android device

MAC (Media Access Control) is a unique identifier consisting of a 12-digit hexadecimal number found on each of your Android smartphones. This identification code makes it possible to distinguish a specific device from a group of devices connected to a particular network. If you are browsing the web from your Android phone using a Wi-Fi network, your Wi-Fi device’s network adapter must have a MAC address to set up a connection and transfer data over the network .

The MAC address looks like this XX::XX:XX:XX:XX:XX, where each X is a hexadecimal character, i.e. between 0 and 9 or AF. Example MAC address 1A:2B:3C:4D:5E:6F where the first 6 digits specify your manufacturer’s brand and the last six digits specify your network interface card. There are many cases where someone blocked your device from connecting to your router, what should you do in this case? Changing the MAC address of your Android device will certainly work in this case. If you are connected to WiFi but you don’t want to leave any trace of your presence on the network as you want to protect your privacy, in this situation you can also change MAC address on Android.

Top Reasons to Change Your MAC Address

Sometimes you may want your device to bypass access control lists on routers or servers to hide it from other devices and network users. Other times, you might want your device to appear as something else even though it isn’t. Another term for this transition is Mac phishing, which is done for both legitimate and illicit purposes.

If your ISP or local domain limits a device’s bandwidth, application usage, or priority based on the identified Mac address, replacing it with another device’s Mac address is fooling the ISP. This process allows your counterfeit device to take advantage of the other device. Of course, you would only have to use one of the two devices that use the same MAC address.

Additionally, hackers exist on the same network as your devices, depending on the circumstances. The danger occurs in schools, public Wi-Fi networks and workplaces. Spoofing your Mac address prevents direct hacking because the spoofer cannot directly access your device without the real address. Imagine this situation as if you were using someone’s social security number. This number gives the author direct access to credit inquiries and more by having your real SSN. In other words, the hacker is impersonating you! Just as the SSN identifies you globally, a Mac address identifies your device on the network.

You might be wondering why it is important that people cannot track your online activities with your MAC access. Well, if a hacker has your MAC address, they can impersonate you and commit various crimes using your MAC address or steal from you. You really wouldn’t want any of that, would you?

In most networks, access restrictions are based on a device’s IP address, but when someone has their MAC address, they can easily bypass these IP address security restrictions. You can go so far as to change the MAC address of your network adapter and restrict based on the MAC addresses connecting to it if you wish.

Change MAC address using root access on your device

Changing your Mac address can only be done on Android devices where you have root access. First, check the availability of root on your Android device. Download the free Root Checker app from Google Play. Don’t worry, the app is simple and you launch it after downloading and then press the “Check Root” button. This process shows you the root status on your device and you will see if root access is currently enabled. If the Root Checker app has confirmed that your device has root access, read on. Otherwise, skip to the next section, where we show you how to change the MAC address on your Android device without having root access.

  • Install BusyBox from Google Play.
  • Install Terminal Emulator for Android from Google Play.
  • Run the terminal emulator application and type “su” (meaning “super user”), then press “Enter”.
  • If the device prompts you to allow root access to the app, tap “Allow”.
  • Type “Show IP Binding” then press “Enter” again so you can type in the interface name of your current network. For demonstration purposes here, we will refer to your network interface name as HAL9000.
  • Type “busybox ip link HAL9000” (replace HAL9000 with the actual name of your network that you noted earlier).
  • Your current MAC address will be displayed.
  • To change the address, type “busybox config HAL9000 hw ether XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY” in the terminal replacing “XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY” with your new MAC address, then tap “Pay to.”
  • You now have a new Mac address assigned to your device. Please note that the change is permanent even after you restart your Android phone.

Change MAC address without root access on the device

  • Go to settings.”
  • Tap “About phone”.
  • Select “Status”.
  • You will see your current MAC address and we suggest you write it down as you will need it later when you want to change it.
  • Download a free app from Google Play called Terminal Emulator for Android.
  • Run the application and type the command “Show IP binding” and press “Enter”. After that, you will see the name of your network interface. Again, for demonstration purposes, we will call your network interface “HAL9000”, but you must type the actual name of your network interface.
  • Type “ip link set HAL9000 XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY” and replace “XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY” with your new MAC address.

Final Words: How to Change MAC Address on Android Device

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