How to Access PC Remotely iOS Mobile or Android Device 2022 Tip


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Check How to Access Remote PC iOS Mobile or Android Device

If you work from home, you can still access computers in the office remotely. This can be done from computer to computer, or you can use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop tool to access a remote PC from an iOS or Android device. With it, you can view the screen, open files, and work with applications as easily (but maybe not as quickly) as if you were sitting in front of this computer. How to use the mobile app to access a remote computer. In order to access a computer remotely, it must first be properly configured. On the computer you want to access, go to Settings > System > Remote Desktop and make sure the Enable Remote Desktop switch is turned on.

By default, the options “Keep PC awake for connections when plugged in” and “Show PC on private networks to enable automatic connections from a remote device” can be enabled. To view or change either option, click the corresponding View Settings link, but you can leave both checked at this point. Click the Advanced Settings link and make sure the Configure Network Level Authentication box is checked. This feature provides an additional layer of protection to prevent uninvited guests and malicious users.

Check how to remotely access PC from mobile phone

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work from home. This includes the need for remote access to computers using Microsoft’s remote desktop tool, which most users use to connect their personal and work computers. But when you are on the go, you can also access a remote PC from an Apple or Android device. You can view the screen, open files, and work with apps on your mobile device as easily (but not as quickly) as if you were sitting at that computer. How to use the Remote Desktop mobile app to access a remote computer.

A standard mouse and keyboard application does not transmit video or sound and functions more or less like a TV remote control for your computer. They all require an active connection on the local network (preferably Wi-Fi, but you can connect your computer to the router via Ethernet). Most remote desktop clients also allow control over the Internet.

Chrome Remote Desktop (Free: iOS and Android)

It might be the easiest remote desktop app we’ve ever used. Chrome Remote Desktop (iOS and Android) lets you remotely access a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer. All you have to do is download the Chrome Remote Desktop app for your computer platform of choice, launch it, and follow the instructions to set it up. Then run the app from your mobile device. This app has proven to be quite reliable, and Google has some smart solutions for running something like Windows 10 from a tablet or smartphone screen. Chrome Remote Desktop is so ingenious that you won’t hesitate to use it.

Microsoft Remote Desktop app (free: iOS and Android)

Since Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, you can’t go wrong with a remote desktop application created by the same people who brought us the ubiquitous software backbone of the PC world. Microsoft’s mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and there’s plenty of documentation to help you get started. This is also its main weakness. Setting up your computer and the dial-up app can be a little tricky compared to the nifty setup you get with something like Google’s app.

However, advanced Windows users and technicians will appreciate the reliability and performance of the application. The best part is that since Windows 8+ you can use a direct native touch mode. This turns your iOS or Android tablet into a Windows tablet.

Final Words: How to Remotely Access iOS Mobile PC or Android Device

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