Hidden iPhone app: Secret feature shows detailed information about your device, here’s how to unlock it


Did you know that there is a hidden application on iPhone? This application allows you to view the complete information of your device.

Smartphone developers and carriers often use this secret iPhone feature to quickly analyze critical information such as LTE, UMTS, and GSM features.

Sources of MacRumors call this app the hidden ground test mode. This feature is present on some iPhone devices running iOS 13, 14, and 15.

How to Activate Hidden iPhone App: Field Test Mode

Frank McShan, TikTok user shared the steps on how to activate the hidden iPhone app in a quick video. According to McShan, you first need to open the Phone app. Then you need to enter the code “* 3001 # 12345 # *” ​​and click on the phone button. This command will not place a call, but instead open the field test application.

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What is Field Test Mode: The Secret iPhone Feature

Field test mode is mainly used to check cellular signal and connection. It specifically converts cellular signal bars into digital measurements that engineers can analyze. The data can be viewed by entering the “Dashboard”.

According to MacRumors, the measurements will read “rsrp0” and “rspr1,” corresponding to signal strength in decibel-milliwatts. The numbers are always negative and the lower number represents a stronger connection.

For reference, the numbers vary between -50 and -130. Numbers near -50 indicate strong signal strength, while numbers near -100 indicate poor connection and slower data speeds.

As mentioned before, the hidden function is mainly for operators, so it is not necessary for daily use. However, it’s still a pretty cool feature to show off to friends who might not know it.

iPhone secret feature issues

It should be pointed out that not all iPhone devices support hidden ground test mode. MacRumors pointed out that numeric measurements are no longer needed for recent versions of iOS and could be discontinued by developers.

However, contrary to their expectations, the iOS 14 updates introduced a new design for the field test mode. This upgrade has also extended to the current iOS 15. This implies that recent iPhone versions might still support field test mode.

All in all, the field test mode is an extremely useful feature for anyone who might recognize their purpose. This hidden app will quickly scan your device for its cellular performance, which can help you choose the best location for a good connection.

Note that this is just one of the many hidden features available on the iPhone. In fact, the iPhone also has hidden features to add background music while scanning, real-time translation, recovery contact, and customizable text size. More information on the subject can be found in this article.

With 2022 fast approaching, Apple will soon bring more exciting updates to the iPhone. Fans are advised to watch out for announcements that may drop anytime this month.

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