HarmonyOS 3 is officially released – supports 12 smart device collaboration, super terminal and more


Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports about the upcoming Huawei HarmonyOS system. Finally, the company officially released this system a few hours ago. Huawei held its new product launch conference yesterday amid HarmonyOS 3. The new system comes with improvements in several areas. The system comes with better HyperTerminal, universal card, smooth performance, privacy and security. According to Huawei, the HarmonyOS 3 system provides a better and smarter experience. This new system will launch a scaling upgrade in September.

This HarmonyOS 3 brings six major upgrade experiences, including HyperTerminal (double gear, more experience), rich ecology, smarter home, universal map (variable personality, active duty), smooth performance (sustainable renewal, soft recovery), confidentiality and security (transparency and controllability, simple and secure), accessibility of information (clear and audible).

As of now, HarmonyOS 3 beta/public beta is available for early adopters. Compatible models can register and download the update. HarmonyOS 3 HyperTerminal supports collaboration of 12 types of smart devices. These devices include printers, smart glasses, and smart cars. In addition to smartphones, devices such as smart displays and Windows 11 PCs can also become HyperTerminal’s core devices.

HarmonyOS 3 already available for some devices

Some Huawei mobile phones have already received the HarmonyOS 3.0 push. The update log says HarmonyOS adheres to the “commonly used and always new” concept and offers users “additional” experience upgrades at no cost. With this update, the The HarmonyOS desktop is more personalized. It also has customization in the universal card stacking storage and smart folder (large or small), and users can enable smart desktop layout with just one click.

Harmony OS 3

Huawei completely expands the super terminal of this system, and it supports more types of devices. The combination is also more flexible and guarantees privacy and security. Device security status is more transparent and controllable, data protection is simpler and more secure. Simply put, this new system comes with more convenient and interesting functions. This system supports double the number of HyperTerminal devices and provides more experience. HarmonyOS 3 supports the combination and collaboration of more smart devices, making the HyperTerminal more “super”. The system also provides multi-directional coverage, making the ecology richer and the home smarter.

On this system, users can seamlessly combine PC, monitor and headset to expand the horizon. The creativity of this system is limitless. This system can easily draw and connect the smartphone and the ink pad. The flow of the book is transferred to the ink pad to continue reading. Moreover, users can connect to PC and all devices will work together. The window is bigger and more efficient and there is multi-device communication sharing. Now sharing the communication and network capabilities of the mobile phone with the tablet is a piece of cake. Plus, the printer and mobile phone go together seamlessly, and with a floating window, it’s easy to work with both.

HarmonyOS smart display

The smart screen has become the center of the super terminal, and you can switch between speakers and headphones just by pressing the remote control. Huawei payment, inter-terminal payment and smart screen integrated payment are transferred to the mobile phone. In addition, thanks to the collaborative answer, an external speaker can join the connection. Give the speaker instructions and it will execute them in one of the connection’s smart devices. Moreover, the smart screen is like the hub where you can find all the connected devices. You can add other devices or remove devices from the smart screen. The mobile phone cross-end controls the smart screen and speaker music playback.

Harmony OS 3

For Huawei Watch, it will connect seamlessly with other sports equipment. Sports data will sync in real time, and the headset can slip and connect while listening to music while you train. HarmonyOS 3 smart cockpit supports super desktop and mobile phone apps are available on the car. Through intelligent scene arrangement, more smart devices can achieve scene linkage, making home life simple and comfortable. Play with personalized desktops, enrich atomized services and create a new HUAWEI ID image… Meet another you in the digital world

The new card holder allows cards of the same size to stack to free up more desk space. The new card holder allows cards and application shortcuts to be freely assembled, and you can choose the size. You can also customize card outlines, photo frames, stickers, and more. In the background, the new sizes of 1×2, 2×1, 2×4, etc. are available for large files. There is also a smart desktop layout that users can arrange according to color classification and functions.

HarmonyOS 3 AI improvements

The image created by yourself supports the new AI face pinch algorithm to create a personalized image. It also supports Xiaoyi input method emoticons, off-screen display and other ways to play. Xiaoyi recommends supporting location awareness and recommending apps and services based on user location and time awareness. It also recommends apps and services based on user habits at different times.

HarmonyOS 3 further improves the system architecture and user privacy security and further enhances the performance experience. It comes with a superframe game engine and graphics rendering power consumption is reduced by 11%. In addition, the operating response of super memory management applications is improved by 14%.

In terms of privacy, it supports privacy center, lock screen data access, high frequency data access and highly sensitive behaviors. The security center supports virus elimination, harassment interception, pure mode, anti-counterfeiting base station, etc.


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