Google TV makes streamer connection easier and simplifies device setup – The Streamable


Google is making it easy to get started with its line of smart TVs, according to a code breakdown from 9to5Google. The software changes will allow smart TVs to immediately download and connect to streaming services, reducing the hassle of first-time setup.

One of the biggest issues consumers face when buying a new streaming device is installing and connecting all of their favorite streamers. With updates to its settings, the system will remember the services customers used on previous devices along with the required passwords. During setup, the program will automatically search for these services in Google’s application library, install these options and log in with the appropriate passwords.

This feature is an extension of the current Google Assistant options that allow users to connect to streamers with their favorite music app to play on Google’s framework of devices. With password and app sharing underway, Google and Android users will have immediate access to their favorite content on Google Nest Hub or any Cast-enabled device.

During last month’s deep dive into the Google TV apk update (update files used by Google and Android devices) version 1.0.4508, analysts found code directing devices to a similar reference to Google Assistant streamer lists. This allows the smart TV to seamlessly integrate all of a consumer’s compatible streaming services right out of the box, even if Google TV didn’t install some streaming apps initially.

While the referenced code doesn’t link directly to Google Assistant, the wording indicates that it may use a different device, such as your phone or another TV. This cross-compatibility allows consumers to integrate a Goggle TV with their own household gadgets, even if they don’t own any other Android product.

Google has upped its Smart TV game this year, attempting to turn these ubiquitous home appliances into more than just entertainment hubs. In January, the company’s chief product officer announced plans to introduce fitness components and smart home capabilities into consumer living rooms. The company has also extended the Google TV software to integrate individual profiles, a move that has been in the planning since last October.

Google’s decision to simplify the process of setting up its smart TVs is another step towards the tech company’s goal of turning its devices into complete household hubs. As features grow, Google can introduce whole new ways for its customers to enjoy their favorite content no matter where they are at home.


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