Google Home app update makes UI changes for device settings menu


Google introduced a redesigned device settings menu in its Google Home app to make it more organized and streamlined. According to 9to5Google, the new design changes are visible in the latest version Currently, the redesigned device settings menu is only displayed to very few users.

Since this is not part of the beta update, the new user interface may soon be available on all eligible devices. This may require a server-side switch to appear on all devices with the latest version of the Google Home app. Additionally, the new device settings menu is only visible for Nest Hub Max displays, not all paired devices.

New Google Home app update includes redesigned device settings menu

Speaking of the design changes, the name of that particular device will now appear in the app bar. To change device settings, select the device on the home screen of the Google Home app and tap the gear icon displayed in the top right corner.

Instead of showing a very long list of settings, the redesigned user interface shows you two sections – General and Device Features. The General section includes information about the device, recognizing and sharing, as well as notifications and digital wellbeing. These three sections should be common to most devices.

The new user interface is currently for the Nest Hub Max

Firstly, the device information menu will have the option to display firmware version, IP / MAC addresses and others. Users can also join the Preview program from this menu. The settings from now on will be specific to the selected device.

For example, the Recognize and Share section of Nest Hub Max includes personal results, facial matching, and ultrasound detection. Face matching and ultrasound detection will not appear when the user has selected other devices in the first place.

In the Notifications & Digital Wellbeing section, users can turn on / off Night Mode and turn on DND. In the device features section, the app displays the following options for Nest Hub Max: photo frame, screen, audio, video and voice calls, and Nest cam.

As the name suggests, these options will be more specific to the functionality of the device. While there’s nothing new offered with this update, the redesigned user interface makes it easy to find the option you need instead of scrolling through an endless menu.

A few months ago, Google also introduced the long-awaited Dark Mode for the Home app. However, last month’s update removed the ability to manually trigger Google Assistant routines in the Google Home app. From now on, the option “Routines” can only personalize them.

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