Google Home app resets Chromecast device settings


In November, the device settings for Nest Hub and Hub Max in the Google Home app were updated with a cleaner design and improved organization. The Google Home settings overhaul is now coming to various Nest speakers and Chromecast streamers.

Settings can be accessed by going to the Google Home app, selecting a device, and tapping the gear icon in the top right corner. The redesign goes from a long list with multiple sections to everything organized under “General” or “Device Features”.

You first get “Device Info” to control room placement, join the Preview program and see “Technical Info” as the firmware version. “Recognize and Share” is also found on Nest speakers and Chromecast dongles of all generations, but the latter type of device lacks “Notifications and digital well-being.” A small tweak here sees Google put more emphasis on the “Remove Device” action at the very bottom of this list.

Compared to smart displays, speakers and streaming devices lack menu items in the “Device Features” section. “Audio” is shared, while Chromecast owners will appreciate quick access to “Ambient Mode” and there’s “Video” with the “Use HDMI 50Hz mode” setting on older generations.

This overhaul of Chromecast and Nest speaker settings in the Google Home app has rolled out widely in recent weeks on Android and iOS after being limited to the Nest Hub range and the new Nest thermostat. We confirmed this on the Nest Mini, the Chromecast with Google TV, and the second generation powered by Cast. The device settings for the Nest Cam and the Hello video doorbell, although the live camera view has just been updated, remain unchanged.

It comes as Google continues to modernize the full companion client that is at the heart of many of its smart home devices.

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