Google Home app redefines Nest Hub / Max device settings


Last week, the Google Home app saw a slew of new features, from a dark theme to full Wi-Fi controls and Home / Away routines last week. Google is currently testing a very welcome redesign of Nest Hub, home, and other device settings.

Update 06/11: After debuting at the end of last month, the new device settings for Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max are widely rolling out. The design / model is identical to what the new Nest Thermostat offers in its preferences page. Meanwhile, Google’s proprietary speakers, including Nest Audio and Mini, have yet to pick up on this redesign.

26/10 original: To change the settings, first open this device in the Google Home app and tap the gear icon in the top right corner. Usually you are greeted with a really long list of “Device Settings”.

It has now been redesigned and starts by noting the name of the device you change in the app bar. This pager is divided into two sections:


  • Device Info: This includes firmware versions, IP / MAC addresses, and other “tech info” that previously appeared at the bottom of the screen. You can also control whether you are on the Preview program and the room placement.
  • Recognize and share: personalized results including Face Match and Ultrasound detection on the Nest Hub Max
  • Notifications and digital well-being: night mode, NPD

Device features

  • picture frame
  • Display
  • audio
  • Video and voice calls
  • Nest Cam

Most of the controls are unchanged from before, but now everything is better organized. For example, the photo frame settings in the Google Home app remain the same with this redesign.

Changing preferences previously required users to scroll line by line if they didn’t already know where to look. Even for those who are familiar, they couldn’t get around and quickly switch to what they needed.

This overhaul of Google Home device settings is not yet widely deployed. It only shows up on one of my Android phones running version and only applies to Nest Hub Max displays. The speakers and the Chromecast with Google TV, in my case, still show the previous list design.

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