Google: Android app “Find my device” reports upcoming Bluetooth functions


Google’s Android operating system will soon add Bluetooth functions and connections to its “Find My Device” application, which would serve as a lost function for the device.

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Instead of just giving users GPS and internet connectivity to locate their lost devices using Google’s Android app, they would soon get Bluetooth connections for stronger detection. This would expand the current services of Android, in particular with their application which also serves as a precautionary device for its devices.

Apple was best known for its Find My apps which have been around since the early days of the devices, released on its initial versions. Additionally, the feature has been effective for iOS users, and Google’s Android should have it too, for added security and protection against loss or theft of mobile devices and tablets.

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Google Find My Device Android app, Bluetooth function

Google Find my device

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Earlier this month, it was reported that Google was working on a “Find My” device app and said it would look like iOS and Apple’s. This is a massive development for Android devices, especially for its long-running pass that doesn’t have a lot of device locator app, although it is massive in the industry and widely used. .

The first iterations of a Find My for Androids came from the creation of each brand of smartphones for their own devices, but are not interconnected under the Android environment. This means that users either need the smartphone of the same brand of device to locate their lost device, or they need to use a separate web browser to locate the device, like the one in Samsung’s Find My Mobile.

The application that Google is developing is under its laboratories, and would soon add a Bluetooth function that would increase the search efficiency of said device. This was thanks to Google’s 9 to 5 discovery of the API called “Spot”, which means the adoption of Bluetooth in the service, and the app’s help in bringing the detection into Google’s services. .

Doesn’t Android already have a “Find my device”?

Google Find my device

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Google has a “Find My Device” app on its website, but it’s limited to devices signed in to their Google accounts, but only to the browser. The upcoming app would guarantee its availability to be a more powerful version for finding lost devices, especially since it would have the proper access and permissions to a device’s GPS settings and other factors.

While this app is already good at locating an Android device, a dedicated app could help improve its capabilities, and with what Google is working on, it could unlock something that matches Apple’s app.

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