Fix “Failed to get IP address” error on device 2022


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Check for “Failed to obtain IP address” error on device

Wi-Fi has become an essential good, just like electricity. Our work often depends on it. A failed connection can be irritating or even costly, and the “Failed to obtain IP address” error message that Android users receive from time to time means exactly that. Read below how to manage it on your Android device.

Cause of Android Error “Failed to Obtain IP Address”

There are many reasons why you may see this error on your Android device when trying to connect to a network. The most common source of the error is a router problem. Either your device was intentionally blocked or the connection problem is caused by a router issue. It’s also possible that your Android’s network hardware or software is malfunctioning or corrupt. You can follow the steps below to troubleshoot from the most likely causes to the least likely scenario.

How to Fix Android Error “Failed to Obtain IP Address”

Since the router is usually the most common problem with this error, troubleshooting should start there. Once you’ve confirmed that the router is not the problem, you can proceed to troubleshoot your own Android device.

  • If you are on someone else’s network, ask them to remove the MAC filter from your device. They must also confirm that no parental controls are set to block their device’s internet access. If both the network and the router are yours, log in to your router as an administrator and make sure both features are disabled for your Android device.
  • If you see this error when trying to connect to a corporate Wi-Fi network, you may need to get approval from IT before you can use the wireless network. If it’s a public Wi-Fi hotspot like in a coffee shop, the router is probably not the cause of this error.
  • Make sure your router’s built-in firewall isn’t inadvertently causing problems. If you’re not the only one experiencing the “Failed to get IP address” error, it’s possible that someone has recently enabled or modified your wireless router’s built-in firewall. It is also possible that your firewall software has stopped working properly. Try checking if the router’s firewall is enabled and try disabling it to see if that resolves the error.
  • Change your router’s network encryption. If the router is currently configured to use AES or TKIP encryption, these types of encryption are known to cause issues with some devices. changing the network encryption to WPA2-PSK often resolves these issues.
  • Restart the router. If everything is working fine on the router, restarting it will reset the internal software and remove any potential cache issues. If restarting doesn’t work and multiple people are still seeing the same error when connecting to the wireless network, it might be time to restart the router.
  • Note that resetting a router also resets any custom settings that were made after the router was first installed. Before resetting, be sure to write down any settings that have been customized so that after the reset you can go back and customize those settings as you wish.
  • Check if your Android phone is the problem. If you’ve tried all of the router options above and you’re still seeing the “Failed to obtain IP address” error on your Android, it’s time to start troubleshooting your Android device. The first thing you should try is to make your Android forget the network connection, which acts like a reset. Once done, you can reconnect your Android device to the Wi-Fi network.
  • You will need to enter the network password because, as far as your device knows, this will be the “first time” it has connected to the network. If your Android device forgets a Wi-Fi network, all cached network data and settings are erased, often eliminating network issues experienced by the Android device.
  • Clear your Google Play Services cache. Google Play services running in the background on your Android phone have been known to occasionally cause network issues. This may be due to excessive network bandwidth usage when the services automatically update all the apps on your phone, but no one knows exactly why these services sometimes cause network issues. The solutions for most Google Play Store errors are usually the same solutions that will resolve this IP configuration failure.
  • Check if your router is blocking your device’s IP address. Sometimes a wireless router may start blocking the IP address of devices on the network for no apparent reason. If you have confirmed that the router is not explicitly configured to block your device, you may be able to resolve this error by changing your Android to use a static IP address on the network.
  • Turn Airplane mode on, wait about a minute, then turn it off again. Make sure Wi-Fi is off and make sure your phone can connect to the internet via mobile data. If that works, find a Wi-Fi hotspot in your area and try connecting to that network. If you can connect and use the internet, you know the problem isn’t with your phone. Is the network
  • You may have no choice but to factory reset your Android if this problem occurs on your home network. If you’re trying to temporarily use someone else’s network, a less drastic option would be to simply use your mobile data to access the internet while you’re there.

Final Words: Fix “Failed to Obtain IP Address” Error on Device

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