Employees working from home – New Kaseya Home Device Scan solution


The new solution tackles both network and security assessments on personal devices while the world is working from home.

Kaseya‘s RapidFire Tools offers a new bundled solution in response to the coronavirus crisis and growing concerns about employees working from home.

Work from Home Network Detective (WFH) is essential because it allows remote employees to check for security concerns on the home devices they use before they can connect to the corporate network, the company said.

Michael Mettel of RapidFire Tools

“Many businesses were unprepared for the sudden shift of resources from offices to employee homes when the coronavirus hit, and this left many organizations vulnerable to data breaches and insider threats,” said Michel mittel, President and CEO, RapidFire Tools. “We created Network Detective WFH to solve this problem. [The solution] offers self-service assessments that allow employees to work from home safely using their personal devices. Business owners can have peace of mind knowing that the integrity of their IT infrastructure remains in place. They can also save money and reduce IT workload by allowing employees to use home computers and networks.

Network Detective Work from Home provides:

  • “Classified” PC risk scores and consolidated report cards to avoid compromise for the business. The areas include basic computer security protection, as well as antivirus and personal firewall configuration. It also includes third-party applications, which scan for potential threats.
  • Information about critical assets for the IT help desk that captures computer and network data to facilitate remote IT support.
  • A self-service portal that allows employees to scan without help from IT.
  • An automatic weekly reanalysis and “rank” option to ensure the integrity of the business infrastructure.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt businesses, businesses are now in the midst of a massive and unforeseen experience of working from home. One thing is certain, however. Ease of access for employees working from home and security are now more important than ever.

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