EcoPlus Review: Is the EcoChip Fuel Fix Pro Device Fraudulent or Legit?


According to the manufacturer, EcoPlus is a fuel-saving technology that works, whatever the season. This revolutionary technology promises to go beyond what the technology of the past had to offer. EcoPlus works by remapping the car’s ECU so that fuel consumption is optimized based on driving habits.

EcoPlus promises to be the most advanced technology that promises to save money at the gas pump. Taking into account people’s driving habits, it can save up to 15% fuel. This device functions as a plug reader, giving the device fuel consumption functions. Moreover, it reduces the toxic level that is released into the atmosphere, which not only benefits the consumer but also the whole world.

Ecoplus is a plug reader. This ready device works as a fuel reduction technology that benefits your economy and reduces the amount of toxin emissions released into the atmosphere, which benefits the world.

How does EcoPlus work?

EcoPlus is a fuel-saving technology that has all sorts of attractive benefits. Moreover, it is very easy not only to install but also to use. The car key should only be removed from the ignition. And then the OBD connector must be identified in the car for EcoPlus to connect with the OBD2 connector. Then the ignition should be turned on and the key turned to its first stage without starting the car.

Then the reset button should be pressed for just one second. After releasing this button, it takes 30-54 seconds until EcoPlus communicates with the ECU and establishes a connection with it. At the end, the engine must be turned on. EcoPlus settings differ from vehicle to vehicle, so there is no need to make any adjustments to the vehicle or device. EcoPlus can identify not only the vehicle, but also the user’s driving habits after 150 miles or 200 km. Ultimately, the car will become more adept at saving fuel.

What is the most important to know about EcoPlus?

EcoPlus is compatible with all cars equipped with On-Board Diagnostics II, also known as OBD2 port. This device works with any vehicle that was built in 1996 or later, as vehicles after 1996 were built with such a port. On the other hand, cars that were manufactured in Europe after the year 2001 no longer have this port. EcoPlus can easily be plugged into an OBD2 port.

Is EcoPlus suitable for all petrol and diesel engines?

The answer to this question is yes. This all-weather fuel-saving device can affect how much fuel a car consumes, no matter if the car is running on gasoline or diesel. What is worth mentioning here is that EcoPlus is 100% safe and does not affect the car warranty. At the same time, it does not cause any damage to the vehicle. Since EcoPlus adapts to any car, it can be transferred between cars without any problem. What’s also great is that it cannot affect the vehicle’s ICU or the car’s wiring in any way. And EcoPlus works with the car, so only when the engine is running. EcoPlus cannot affect the car battery in any way, as it uses electricity and is ignition controlled. As soon as the ignition is switched off, the device goes into standby mode. In sleep mode, it consumes less electricity than the dashboard clock.

What makes EcoPlus different from other similar products on the market?

For starters, EcoPlus is an eco-friendly device that helps reduce fuel consumption and reduce fuel costs. It improves the performance of the ECU, making it more efficient and effective. This fuel saver not only saves more money when refueling at the gas station, but also reduces CO2 emissions which destroy the ozone layer.

The installation of EcoPlus is very simple. Set it up as well. It only takes 30-45 seconds for this device to start communicating with the car’s ODB2 to establish ECU communication. Once the OBD2 port is located, the reset button on the dashboard needs to be pressed for just one second. EcoPlus recognizes driving habits. It adapts to it after only 200 km, or the equivalent of 150 miles, covered. Afterwards, it starts doing what it’s supposed to do, which is to save fuel.

Is EcoPlus expensive?

EcoPlus is now available for sale only on the official product website, where it is offered at the following prices:

  • 1 EcoPlus for $39.99
  • 2 EcoPlus devices for $34.99
  • 3 EcoPlus devices for $27.65
  • 4 EcoPlus devices for $24.85

All purchases are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee which can be claimed from EcoPlus Customer Service at:

  • +1 (386) 674 1698


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