Deploying Bluetooth device status to Pixel


With the March feature removal, Google announced that your Pixel’s home and lock screen will start showing more contextual information. As the month draws to a close, At a Glance is only just beginning to roll out Bluetooth “Connected Devices” integration.

A user tonight showed at a glance that their Bluetooth headphones (whatever they were called) were connected and fully charged. It disappeared soon after, and presumably only appears on initial login, like Fast Pair’s “Your registered device is available” notification.

Entering preferences by long-pressing the top of the home screen > Personalize > the settings gear icon reveals a new “Connected devices” option next to the existing timer and stopwatch, time bedtime and fitness.

Connection status and battery information of your Bluetooth devices

Google announced this addition to At a Glance with this quarter’s Pixel Feature Drop alongside the battery widget. The latter is more widely available at this point – update configuration services – than the former, which is presumably a server-side deployment that’s just getting started.

We’re also supposed to get a “Security check countdown from the Personal Safety app, reminders to turn off your alarm if the next day is a holiday, and earthquake alerts for your area.” These At-A-Glance features may not have user-controlled toggles and may go live alongside Bluetooth device integration.

As of tonight, we’re not seeing connected devices on several Pixel phones we’ve checked that are running Android 12L (March), QPR3 Beta 1 and 13. Hopefully a wider rollout is coming for all users as we enter in April.

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