Cue Health and MLB extend league-wide testing partnership through 2022 season


NEW YORK and SAN DIEGOCue Health Inc. (“Cue”) (Nasdaq: HLTH), a health technology company, and Major League Baseball (MLB) today announced a nationwide partnership that extends Cue’s support for the COVID-19 testing program to the league scale. As MLB’s trusted home testing solution, Cue will provide major league clubs as well as the MLB league office with its integrated care platform, including both health monitoring system Portable and reusable cue (player) and the most accurate * COVID-19 self-test.

Cue’s Molecular Test uses Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology (NAAT) to deliver lab-quality results directly to connected mobile devices in 20 minutes. Cue can detect all known COVID-19 variants of concern and can be used in people aged 2 years and older, with or without symptoms.

“Major League Baseball, like other world-class organizations, continues to turn to Cue for testing when the stakes are high and when accuracy, speed and reliability cannot be compromised,” said Ayub Khattak, co-founder and CEO of Cue Health. “During their 2022 season, we will once again serve as the trusted home COVID-19 testing platform for MLB, providing the league with actionable health information from Cue in real time so players, teams , referees and officials can have the highest degree of confidence in the safety of their sport.

“After a great experience with Cue Health during the 2021 season and the playoffs, we are excited to expand our use of the Cue platform and fully integrate the solution into our health and safety protocols for the 2022 season,” said MLB vice president Jon Coyles. , Drug, Health and Safety Programs. “We are very confident that the speed, accuracy and portability of Cue’s COVID-19 self-test will help maximize our ability to successfully and safely complete the 2022 season as planned, and protect the health of our players. and our staff in our facilities, as well as their family members at home.

“Friday Night Baseball” games will be available to anyone with internet access on all devices where Apple TV+ can be found, including the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K and HD, and on, as well as smart TVs, game consoles and cable boxes. “Friday Night Baseball” will include live pre- and post-game broadcasts and will be available on Apple TV+ in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea and in the United Kingdom, and for a limited time, without subscription.

“Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+ will provide an exciting viewing experience for fans. Partnering with MLB is another great opportunity for Cue Health to show millions of baseball fans why our smart health device is a game-changer,” added Nitin Duggal, Chief Marketing Officer of Cue Health.

MLB’s selection of Cue’s cutting-edge healthcare technology demonstrates the league’s ongoing commitment to organizational health and wellness and the protection of its key constituents during the pandemic while ensuring game continuity. . Working with Cue, MLB is able to bring its health and wellness beyond club facilities and stadiums to the homes of players and staff, while maintaining connectivity through the platform Integrated Cue Care and the Cue Dashboard.

In addition to MLB, Cue provides testing to other world-class organizations, including Johns Hopkins Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Google, and the National Basketball Association (NBA), among others. For the future, Cue is working on new diagnostic tests, all of which will be compatible with the Cue reusable health monitoring system (Cue Reader).

*Based on clinical study results submitted to US FDA for further EUA molecular home testing.


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