Control your Volvo remotely via the new iPhone app / Android device


Volvo’s European division has just announced the release of a new mobile application that allows the driver to stay in touch with his car via an iPhone or Android smartphone. He can thus control it once the car is parked, from anywhere and anytime.

Owners of all new Volvo models (from model year 2012) with Volvo On Call can download the new app, regardless of system privacy and security.

“We design cars based on people’s needs and lifestyle. Creating an intuitive and ergonomically optimized driving environment is part of our aim to provide a feeling of relaxed control. It makes sense that you feel in control of your vehicle, even after parking it. this,” said Stefan Jacoby, President and CEO of Volvo Car Corporation.

“It’s more than a gadget. The mobile app is the first step in our connectivity strategy. We have started to build a bridge to the future – and the mobile app will be extended with a range of possibilities. ”
he added.

The mobile application includes a number of features:

• Car locator. The location of the car is shown on a map. There is also a digital compass that points the driver in the right direction. If necessary, the horn and turn signals can be activated to facilitate the search.
• Remote door locking. The status of all doors and windows is displayed – and the driver can lock and unlock the car by pressing the touchscreen.
• Vehicle dashboard. This function allows the driver to access a wide range of information: fuel level, remaining range to empty the tank, average fuel consumption, average speed, odometer reading and trip odometer reading.
• Control of the car. The mobile app performs a “health” check of the car, displaying information on bulbs, brake fluid level, coolant level, engine oil level and engine oil pressure.
• Driving log. Detailed data of each trip over the last 40 days can be downloaded and stored. It is also possible to extract the data as an Excel file – a perfect feature for company car owners.
• Vehicle information. Basic car data such as model, registration number and VIN number are stored and can be displayed.
• Notice of theft. If the car alarm is triggered, the driver is alerted via the mobile app.
• This new generation Volvo On Call still includes all the safety and security aspects that are part of the first generation.

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