Apple Pay upgrades fraud prevention features based on device, location, and more.


If you checked your Wallet app today, you might have noticed that it has a notification badge, as Apple Pay is upgrading fraud prevention features for some cards. Here’s what we know so far about this feature.

As noticed Twitter users and 9to5Mac personal, some cards display a notification about this “enhanced fraud prevention” feature. Here is what Apple says:

“For cards with some enhanced fraud prevention, when you attempt an online or in-app transaction, your device will evaluate information about your Apple ID, device, and location (if you have location services enabled ), to develop fraud prevention assessments, which are used by Apple to identify and prevent fraud.

Apple says it will also share “fraud prevention ratings and information about your transaction (such as purchase amount, currency, and date) with your payment card network for fraud prevention. fraud”.

Additionally, users will receive a notice that their cards have improved fraud prevention when first added to Apple Pay as well as when they first attempt an online or in-app transaction with the card.

Apple warns that “to prevent fraud prevention ratings from being shared with your payment card network, you can select a different card.” At this time, this feature does not appear to be available for American Express or MasterCard cards, although it is rolling out to some Visa users worldwide.

Have you noticed this new and improved fraud prevention feature? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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