Android 13 includes a handy Pixel cross-device app streaming feature


Eric Zeman / Android Authority


  • Android 13 includes a handy Pixel cross-device app streaming feature.
  • It allows you to cast all apps from your phone to your Windows PC or Chromebook.
  • The feature works by projecting a virtual screen from your Pixel phone onto your PC.

Google is already working on a way to mirror Android chat apps to Chromebooks. The feature will allow users to access any chat app from their phone on their Chromebook without having to install it again. However, Android 13 includes a much more valuable skill set for Pixel phones.

The people at 9to5Google discovered and demonstrated how Pixel users may soon be able to stream their entire phone to Chromebooks and even Windows 11 PCs. The post found two system apps for cross-device streaming in the Android Developer Preview 13 recently published. Each app allows users to connect their Pixels to another device.

From the report, it looks like Google will basically allow you to stream all apps from your Pixel phone to your computer. The feature works by projecting a virtual screen from the phone to a PC rather than just mirroring the display. Your streamed apps will appear on this virtual second screen, leaving you free to perform other tasks on your phone without interrupting the stream on your computer.

The experience currently lets you open an app on your Pixel device running Android 13 and live stream it through your browser. Once you have opened the application on your PC, you can interact with it as if it were natively installed on your machine. You can also control it by clicking, tapping or tapping. Below is a video of 9to5Google showing how the feature works.

The buttons surrounding the app’s stream will also activate a handful of other commands to send feedback, stop the app/video stream, go back a page, and resize the display. A menu button at the bottom reveals a full list of apps installed on your phone. Essentially, this will allow you to launch any app from your phone on your PC, not just messaging apps as promised by Google.

9To5Google reports that the cross-device streaming feature worked great for them on Windows laptops and Chromebooks. It is possible that Google is preparing to officially roll it out. For now, the two required apps that enable cross-device streaming of Pixel are only available on Android 13. Google will have to release a more comprehensive system update, such as a removal of Pixel functionality, if it plans to distribute the feature more widely.


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