AJA releases HELO Plus device, more solutions and updates


AJA Video Systems has unveiled a range of powerful new solutions and updates aimed at streamlining broadcast, production, post and proAV workflows to deliver hi-res, HDR and hi-res content with greater ease and convenience. ‘efficiency.

New releases include the launch of HELO Plus, a next-generation compact H.264 streaming and recording device with an advanced feature set, and a pair of openGear 12G-SDI to fiber converters for simple transport of signals at wide bandwidth up to 10 km. AJA also announced feature-rich updates to its range of production-proven solutions, including FS4 v3.0 with advanced HDR workflow support; BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 with synchronous multi-channel transport for SDI backhaul or cloud contribution; BRIDGE NDI 3G v1.5 with new NDI 5 support; and Diskover Media Edition v2.0, with new plugins for Telestream GLIM and Vantage software.

AJA has extended its range of H.264 streaming and recording devices with the launch of HELO Plus, designed to help video professionals achieve higher production value with greater cost effectiveness and a smaller footprint. Dual-stream outputs allow users to create assets with different parameter settings per output (bit rate, GOP length, frame rate, image geometry, B frame rate, etc.) and feed them each in either of two destinations, so they can easily create assets with different settings from a single input or layered images from both inputs with built-in graphics capabilities. HELO Plus users can also select one of the encoders to drive USB, SD card or NAS recording, and can include the output of graphic layout compositions. Additional features include SRT support, enhanced scheduling options and device operation, and group control for triggered start/stop operations with Ki Pro Ultra 12G.

OG-FiDO-2T-12G and OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST
A pair of new openGear compatible 12G-SDI to fiber conversion solutions are now available, including OG-FiDO-2T-12G, a dual channel 12G-SDI to fiber transmitter that supports conversion of two band independent channels 12G-SDI base to Fiber LC for simple signal transport up to 10 km. The new OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST supports single-channel 12G-SDI to fiber conversion, enabling transport of a single 12G-SDI baseband signal over ST fiber for remote or long distance workflows . Both new models support HDR video, offer industry-wide compatibility with certified openGear products, and support Ross DashBoard software for remote control and monitoring.

FS4 3.0
AJA’s FS4 4K/UltraHD and Multi-Channel HD Frame Synchronizer and Up/Down/Cross Converter has received a new firmware update v3.0. Loaded with new feature enhancements, the free update offers support for advanced HDR workflows, including the ability to configure the HDR components of the SDI output VPID channel by channel – vital for better VPID management – and new HDR test models. FS4 v3.0 also increases the frame buffer depth from 6 to 20 frames, provides improved ancillary data handling, and offers improved overall usability.

BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 is a feature-rich software update for AJA’s multi-channel UltraHD and HD live video solution for production, contribution, collaboration, streaming and remote broadcasting. For multi-camera workflows on a pair or multiple units, BRIDGE LIVE v1.13 introduces a new multi-channel synchronous transport for SDI backhaul or cloud contribution, enabling synchronized transmission and reception of separate UltraHD or HD channels. The update also adds dual-channel UltraHD support to enable full two-way UltraHD pass-through and end-to-end multi-channel HDR support over SDI to preserve full picture settings during transport from site to site. ‘other.

A new v1.5 update for BRIDGE NDI 3G is now available, which brings new NDI® 5 support and a host of performance improvements to AJA’s high-performance gateway appliance for high conversion. density to/from SDI and NewTek’s NDI video over IP protocol. BRIDGE NDI 3G v1.5 further introduces discovery server compatibility, new low latency settings for mission-critical workflows, timecode support, expanded system time options, and dynamic speed detection. connection bandwidth for remote management.

Diskover Media Edition v2.0
Diskover Media Edition v2.0 is the first update to AJA’s data management software that enables media and entertainment professionals to easily search, find and analyze media assets and associated metadata from on-premises storage , remotely and in the cloud. The free update includes plug-ins for the Telestream GLIM Remote Media Player, helping creative professionals quickly preview high-resolution media files with color accuracy via any web browser, and for Telestream Vantage media processing platform to simplify media transcoding and generate proxy files and deliverable packages. Diskover Media Edition v2.0 also adds security enhancements to protect assets and streamline file searches.


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