AJA launches HELO Plus H.264 streaming and recording device


AJA Video Systems has expanded its range of H.264 streaming and recording devices with the launch of HELO Plus.

Portable and resilient, HELO Plus offers the same flexible streaming and recording benefits of the hugely popular HELO, with a significantly expanded feature set inspired by user feedback. Offering powerful new production capabilities, HELO Plus features two streaming outputs and multi-input processing; SRT support; advanced encoding/decoding; improved scheduling options and device operation; layouts and insertion of graphics; and more.

Designed to help video professionals achieve higher production value with improved profitability and a smaller footprint, HELO Plus includes a range of remarkable feature additions.

Dual-stream outputs allow users to create assets with different parameter settings per output (bit rate, GOP length, frame rate, image geometry, B frame rate, etc.) and feed them each in one of two destinations, so they can easily create assets with different parameter settings from a single entry. HELO Plus users can also choose to select one of the device’s two encoders to drive USB, SD card or NAS recording, so it can include layout output.

A new “Layouts” feature gives users a near-infinite array of production possibilities, allowing an SDI input and an HDMI input to be combined into a single output stream and adding graphic overlays to the composite. Each live video source can be used in its own picture-in-picture (“PiP”) asset and placed in its own PiP slots, with a matte background plus a graphic used as a foreground element for titles and more. Users can then move seamlessly between layouts during a streaming session.

Ten layouts are stored per preset, with 20 presets available, so defined settings can be recalled for specific events. A built-in graphics framestore allows over 90 images to be stored in the device’s internal memory, while a built-in scheduler makes it easy to schedule independent recording/streaming events before an event. Complementing the AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G and Ki Pro GO recorders, HELO Plus can also participate in a Ki Pro “group”, acting as a follower device that starts and stops streaming and/or recording on command from the group leader . Alternatively, the HELO Plus can act as the leader and the Ki Pros can be configured to follow, or the HELO Plus can act as the leader or follower of a group of HELO Plus devices.

HELO Plus features include:

  • Simultaneous high-quality H.264 HD streaming and recording at the touch of a button
  • A web-based scheduler to configure event recording and streaming at specific dates and times without an external control system
  • Powerful multi-input video and graphics processing to create sophisticated production looks using “layouts” without external switches and the ability to add more processing power to existing cost-effective production equipment
  • Dual streaming outputs for simultaneous live streaming to multiple content delivery networks with improved resiliency and efficiency
  • 1x 3G-SDI input and 1x 3G-SDI output
  • 1x HDMI input and 1x HDMI output
  • 1x stereo analog audio input and 1x stereo analog audio output
  • 1x 1GigE network connection for control and SMB recording/playback
  • 1x dedicated MicroUSB port for use with AJA Mini-Config software
  • 1x USB 3.2 Gen1 (5Gb/s) port for media recording and playback
  • 1x SD card slot for media recording and playback
  • External power supply with locking connector

“We built HELO Plus with advanced streaming video processing to help content creators capture consumers’ attention and differentiate their media, while maintaining the ease of use of the original HELO. and the web-based scheduler of HELO Plus make it easy to schedule and control live streams and recordings with high production value, without complex and expensive external control systems,” said AJA President Nick Rashby.


AJA HELO Plus is expected to be available through AJA’s global reseller network in Q3 2022 for US$1699.


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