Adapy Inc. receives a patent for a device that will help people with disabilities drive independently


ST. GEORGE, UT/ACCESSWIRE/June 2, 2022/ Adapty inc., inspired by military veteran and spinal cord injury survivor Andrew Evans, today announced that Evans and CEO Aaron Werner have received their official US patent for a device designed to improve mobility for people with disabilities. Adapy™ specifies that thanks to its innovation, people with disabilities will be able to automate the process of preparing their vehicle for driving by simply pressing a few buttons on their smartphone. “Think ‘home automation’ but for the vehicle”, explains Werner.

Before Adapy’s technology was created, people with disabilities who wanted to drive faced challenges generally not experienced by other drivers. While most people could get into their vehicle fairly quickly and start driving, people with disabilities first had to spend up to fifteen minutes using multiple remote controls to open doors, operate elevators and raise seats. This process could be repeated several times a day and be made more complicated if a remote control fails. As expected, drivers with disabilities generally spent more time in the heat, rain and cold than other drivers while waiting for their vehicle to be ready for use. Adapy’s patented technology was created to potentially solve these problems by giving the user control of their adaptive devices, such as wheelchair lifts and cranes, with just the click of a few buttons on their smartphone.

“We are delighted that our smart mobility system has been patented and we are ready to offer it to disabled drivers across the country,” says Adapy™. “We hope that millions of people with disabilities who use adaptive mobility devices in conjunction with their vehicle can now enjoy greater freedom and independence and avoid temperatures that can be life-threatening. With our patented device, the user will simply connect the Adapy™ Smart Hub to their adaptive equipment installed in or on their vehicle and pair it with the Adapy mobile application. A single app will now do the work of multiple remotes, including automated processes or scenes. »

Scott Nielson, mentor and coach at Atwood Innovation Plaza (Dixie State College), helped drive the project forward and had this to say about Adapy™ and its founders: “It will undoubtedly revolutionize the industry. Anyone with a disability or disability will be given great freedom with this device. Aaron Werner and Andrew Evans are extremely creative and intelligent human beings.

In other news, Adapy, Inc. announced that it has entered into a relationship with Avenue Homecare, Inc. to provide Adapy’s product to veterans through the VA. The company is planning a late 2022 launch with a veteran solution. Adapy’s goal is for veterans to obtain the patented technology and benefit from it at an affordable price.

Adapty’s technology has also been reviewed by the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CIF). “We are working on a grant to CAF that could allow members of the foundation who cannot afford the technology to access it and benefit from greater freedom and independence vis-à-vis its use,” says Adapy™.

The company has also been endorsed by ManaMed, Inc., which specializes in durable medical equipment, and by Marc Andrus RRT, MBA, surveyor for the Joint Commission.

Adapy says it will continue to develop its patented technology and extend it to other products that will help people with disabilities have full control over their lives. As CEO Aaron Werner says, “With today’s technological advancements, everyone, no matter who they are, should have the opportunity to experience better mobility.”

​Adapy, Inc. was founded by Aaron Werner working hand-in-hand with Andrew Evans to perfect the technology they patented with the goal of helping people with disabilities experience greater freedom and independence. . For more information on Adapty and its patented Intelligent Mobility System, visit the Adapty website website or contact:

Aaron Werner
Adapty, Inc.
[email protected]

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