7 Ways To Troubleshoot If Netflix Isn’t Working On Your Device

  • If Netflix is ​​not working on your device, restart the app or try another device to determine where the problem lies.
  • You can also check if the Netflix service is down. If not, check your own internet service.
  • Here are seven different ways to fix a problem with Netflix.


is one of the most popular


services with a full catalog of original programs as well as licensed TV shows and movies. If you can’t start Netflix or play its content, it can ruin a binge-watching session. Here are seven ways to troubleshoot Netflix and get back to watching whatever show you’re currently watching.

Close and restart the application

If Netflix won’t start or play the video, the first – and easiest – solution is to close and restart the app. Closing the app should eliminate any bad data that is preventing the app from working properly. This is a good first step, whether you need to close the app on your iPhone, Android, streaming media player, or smart TV. How you do this will vary depending on the type of device you have, but for most streaming devices, select the app, then click and hold or long press it until you see additional options which include force closing the application.

Closing an application on iPhone.

Often all you have to do is close and then restart the Netflix app.

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Try Netflix on another device

One way to reduce your problem is to try Netflix on another device. If you’re trying unsuccessfully to watch Netflix on your TV’s Roku, for example, see if you can get Netflix working using the mobile app on your phone or in a browser on your laptop. If it works on one device but not the other, you’ve narrowed the problem down to that specific device, and it’s not a problem with the Netflix service or your internet connection.

Check if the Netflix service is working

It’s rare for the overall Netflix service to go offline, but if you can’t get the app to work properly, Netflix might be down. To see if the problem lies with the Netflix service rather than your app, you can check the Netflix status page on Downdetector or the Netflix status page. You can also search “is Netflix down” in your web browser.

The Netflix status page.

Netflix maintains its own status page which can tell you if the service is working.

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Log out and log back in to Netflix

Some Netflix issues can be easily resolved by logging into Netflix again. If you’re already signed in to Netflix, sign out first, then sign back in. The process is essentially the same no matter what app or device you’re using. find your account icon and select Sign outthen reconnect.

Check your internet connection

Of course, if you’re seeing a connection error in the Netflix app or your videos are unreliable, chances are there’s something wrong with your internet connection – either your WiFi router needs to be restarted, or your ISP’s service is problematic.

If you can open a web browser on the device you’re trying to watch Netflix on, run Google’s online speed test. You can do this on your mobile phone, on a laptop or on your desktop computer. If you’re trying to use Netflix on a streaming media player or smart TV, run the speed test on another device in the same room to make sure you’re not too far from the WiFi router, or watch the video on another app on that same device. You must not have an Internet speed lower than 5 Mbps for high definition or 15 Mbps for


video streaming. See our guide to internet speeds for more information.

The Netflix status page.

A Google speed test won’t just tell you how fast your connection is – it’s also a great way to tell if your internet connection is working to begin with.

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If your Internet connection is offline or too slow to reliably play videos on Netflix, restart your Wi-Fi router and Internet modem. Unplug both for at least two minutes, then plug in the internet router and let it turn on until you see all of the status lights (up to five minutes). Finally, plug in the WiFi router and wait a few minutes until your connection is established.

If the problem persists, you may need to contact your ISP’s helpline to see if service is down in your area or if there is a problem with your own connection.

Update the Netflix app

It is possible that you are not using the most recent version of the Netflix app and that the version you have has some kind of serious bug or incompatibility with other software on your device. Most devices update apps regularly, but your copy of Netflix might not have been updated recently. Here’s how to update apps on your iPhone or Android device. For other devices, check your user guide for how to update apps.

Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app

Finally, if all else fails, it may be possible to fix your problem by uninstalling the Netflix app and reinstalling it. This can eliminate any glitchy software that was interfering with your ability to use the app. Remember that you will need to log in again using your account credentials.


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