5 secret Roku menus to get to know your streaming device better


Roku streaming devices are loaded with just about every channel you’ll need. All of these can be viewed directly from the Roku Channel Store home menu. But while Roku’s front-facing user interface is both responsive and intuitive, there’s a surprising amount of data, information, and settings under the hood, much of which you can access if you know how.

This is due to a surprising number of hidden Roku menus that you can access on all the top Roku streaming devices, all accessible via strings of button inputs on your Roku remote, much like entering a cheat code in a game. video. After testing these codes for ourselves, we were surprised that they actually worked, but thrilled with how useful some of them actually were.

That brings us to the subject of this guide. We’ve highlighted five of the most useful Roku hidden menus, all of which offer fantastic functions and information, leading to even greater control over your Roku streaming stick or device. Read on to learn about five hidden Roku menus and codes you absolutely need to check out for yourself.

Restarting the Roku system

Roku Factory Reset

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The first item on our list isn’t so much a menu as it is restarting your Roku device. If you’re having weird performance issues, such as streaming issues or slow responsiveness, restarting your Roku streamer can help fix those issues.

To perform a system restart, press the key. Residence button five times, At the top once on the directional pad, Rewind twice and finally Fast forward twice.

This could cause the Roku interface to freeze, but don’t worry because the device didn’t crash. It’s just preparing for the reboot. Eventually, the screen will go black, followed by the familiar Roku splash screen when you start the device.

Performing a system reboot is the best thing to do if you don’t want to bear the brunt of the impact of a Roku factory reset, which will completely wipe your device of its downloaded apps, accounts, and login info (more than details below). A system restart is therefore more of a soft reset and should restore performance without causing you to lose all your apps.

Check your Wi-Fi signal strength

Do you experience frequent drops in quality or buffering when watching your favorite streaming channels on your Roku device? Our next hidden menu allows you to quickly identify your Wi-Fi signal strength.

To access this menu, press the key Residence button five times, followed by Up, down, up, down, up in this order.

The Wi-Fi signal strength screen can help you identify any connection quality issues with your Roku device, which can have a direct effect on streaming quality when viewing your favorite apps .

This hidden menu displays its key information in easy-to-read color-coded bars. These bars, representing signal strength, should all appear green if there are no problems. However, they can dip lower in a yellow or red hue.

In this case, we recommend that you do not mess with the options in this secret menu to avoid any permanent problems with your Roku device. Instead, it may help to reset your router, perform a system reboot (as noted above), or contact Roku support if the issues persist.

Access hidden channel information

Roku Channel Information Secret Menu

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Streaming apps on Roku usually update automatically. But if for some reason you find that your apps aren’t updating, you’ll be able to get a bit more information from this hidden channel info menu.

To access the Channel Info menu, press the key. Residence button three times, followed by Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left on the directional pad on the remote control.

The Channel Info menu will display a list of all the apps you have installed on your Roku device, in alphabetical order. Next to the app name is the version of that app that you currently have installed.

If you are unsure of the latest version of a given app, you can head to this secret menu and cross-check the version you have installed with the current latest version. This can always be found with a quick Google search, entering the name of the app followed by “latest version” for example.

You can also uninstall apps from this menu by clicking OKAY on your remote, followed by Delete channel. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to remove apps or features built into your Roku device, such as the Ads Library or Browser.

Show HDMI details

Roku HDMI secret menu

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If you want a more detailed breakdown of the picture formats and refresh rates supported by your Roku device, the HDMI secret menu will give you all the information you’ll need.

To access this secret menu, press the key Residence button five times, followed by Down, Left, Up, Up, Up on the directional pad on the remote control.

As shown in the image below, the HDMI secret menu shows whether your Roku device and TV support HDMI outputs such as 1080p, 4K@60Hz, 4K HDR, etc. If “Yes” is displayed next to these, these outputs will be enabled automatically during your Roku streaming sessions and cannot be changed without directly adjusting the TV settings.

Roku Factory Reset

Roku Factory Reset Menu

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If for some reason you need to restore your Roku device to its factory default settings, your streamer has some sort of built-in “panic” button that will allow you to accomplish this goal.

To access the factory reset menu and begin the process of resetting your device to factory defaults, tap the Residence button five times, Fast forward three times, and finally, Rewind twice.

We’ve got a comprehensive guide detailing how to factory reset your Roku device, but make sure it’s something you want to do before you hit the button. When performing a factory reset, you will lose all of your installed apps, account information, and login information for individual apps. You’ll need to manually re-enter all of these details after the reset, so only use them as a last resort if, for example, your Roku device is experiencing significant performance issues or experiencing frequent bugs or glitches.

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