New device settings menu in Google Home app rolls out at scale

Last week’s Google Home app update introduced a redesigned device settings menu. It was then only available for the Nest Hub Max and that too for a limited number of users. According to 9to5Google, the new device settings menu in the Google Home app is now widely rolled out. However, it’s limited to Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max displays.

For now, Google’s other smart home devices, like the Nest Mini and Nest Audio, don’t offer this new menu just yet. Unlike recent major UI changes, this new design change is very subtle. However, this will likely have a big impact once more devices are added.

The redesigned device settings menu of the Google Home app is now available to more users

If the Google Home app is linked to the Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, update it to the latest version in the Google Play Store to see the latest changes. With the device selected on the Google Home app home screen, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to view the device settings.

The redesigned user interface has two sections here: general and device functionality. Before that, the app had an endless list of different settings. Now they are all organized for the user to find the option with just a few clicks.

The General section at the top includes information about the device, recognizing and sharing, as well as notifications and digital wellbeing. When users tap the device information option, the firmware version, IP / MAC addresses and other details are displayed.

More smart home devices may soon be supported

This section will also include an option to participate in the Preview program. These options should be common to most Google devices. For Nest Hub Max users, the option to turn the newly added Dark Mode on or off can be found under the ‘Notifications & Digital Wellbeing’ menu.

Users can also enable DND and downtime on a supported device from this menu. The device features section will display more product specific options. The options will be completely different if you select devices like a security camera or a thermostat.

For example, the Nest Hub Max in the current version of the app has photo frame, display, audio, video and voice calls, and a Nest camera options. The update released in early October made changes to the Routines menu. In August, Google added dark mode to the Google Home app, and it made a big difference.

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